10 Bell Themed Wedding Favor Ideas And Crafts

Save money by using these ten ideas for homemade wedding favor crafts, all in a wedding bell theme.

Weddings are blissful and exciting, watching the glowing bride and boastful groom embark on their rosy new life together. The momentous ceremony and festive reception brims with flowers, fabric, and food. Everything must be just right, from the music to the dinnerware to the favors for the guests to take home. Money is no object - unless, of course, you are the one footing the bill and don't happen to have a limitless budget!

Fortunately there are ways to cut costs without diminishing the celebratory and lavish experience desired. One way to accomplish this is by providing economical, handcrafted favors. Choose a theme, and create memorable gifts the wedding guests will cherish along with the memory of this special day. Following are ten bell-themed ideas.

1. Purchase deliciously fragrant votive candles in the wedding colors. Place each candle in a clear, plant pot-shaped glass votive holder. Wrap upside down in tulle. Tie two of the votive bells together with accent ribbon and adorn with small white doves or silk roses.

2. Pick up small silver bells at your local craft store, or find them online. On cardstock using an ornamental font print the following verse as well as the couple's name and the date. Attach a card to each bell with a silver ribbon. Every time a guest rings their bell within earshot of the bride and groom, they should kiss.

With each ring of this bell

The new Mr. and Mrs.

Will display their delight

With wedding day kisses!

3. Place a wicker basket full of small, handled bells near the door. Instead of handing out bags of rice or birdseed, distribute the bells. Attach the following note to each:

A bowl of rice is always nice

But wedding bells are better

Let's send (bride and groom's names here) off on a ringing start

To their wonderful new life together

4. Make a huge batch of bell-shaped sugar cookies. Decorate with icing in the wedding's colors. Each guest should receive three cookies, one with the bride's name, one with the groom's name, and one with the date. Wrap the cookies in colored cellophane and attach a bell shaped cookie cutter with a card stating "Truly cut out for each other".

5. Another sweet idea: try your hand at candy making. Pick up wedding bell molds at your local crafts store along with color-coordinated or chocolate confectionary wafers. Wrap the finished treats in tulle or satin bags embellished with hot-glued pearls or flowers.

6. Ask the betrothed twosome to write down their favorite songs, then burn them onto CD's (legally, of course!). Print decorative labels inscribed "Making beautiful music together, now and ever more." Add the couple's names and a list of the tracks. Using a bell-shaped cookie cutter or other guide, create a cardboard stencil for the labels. Then cut the labels into bells, or simply trace the bell design onto them using a glitter pen.

7. Disposable cameras placed on the tables are always a hit. The guests have fun snapping pictures, and the couple will have photos from several vantage points. Buy cameras in bulk and make them more personal by wrapping them in card stock. Decorate with bells by stamping, glitter gluing, or even with decoupage.

8. Special bottles of bubbles can be purchased with the couple's names professionally embossed. Make them complement your theme by looping two tiny bells on a silver cord around the neck of each bottle.

9. Purchase standard key rings in bulk from your local hardware store. At the craft store, find wedding bells that are large enough to bear one name. Slide two bells onto each ring and paint his name on one and hers on the other.

10. Learn a new craft and create aromatic scented soaps. If you make the candy mentioned in tip 5, you may be able to utilize the same molds. Match the soaps to the wedding palette and wrap in fabric or place by the basketful on each table.

The main idea is to use your imagination. Look around at specialized wedding favors and determine if there is something similar you might be able to fashion. Homemade trinkets are often more memorable, and are always more personable.

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