10 Best Concert Venues In The World

Learn about the top ten places in the world to attend a concert and find out why they're so amazing.

A great concert can change your life""but have you ever considered the location of the show to be a factor in your overall fan experience? Sure, the entertainer is probably what made you buy the ticket, but if you consider the sound quality, comfort level, and general vibe of some of the best gigs you've been to, they may all start to point back to a few specific locales. Read on to find out about the 10 most exciting, exhilarating, impressive concert venues in the world.


Claiming the title of The World's Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden had three different addresses before settling in its current spot in February of 1968. Many historic shows have taken place here including John Lennon's last live stage performance in 1974 (which had him paying a debt owed to Elton John) and the amazing Concert for New York benefit in October of 2001, to aid the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. At present, The Garden continues to host the biggest names in music""among them Paul McCartney and Santana. Located on Seventh Avenue, between 31st Street and 33rd Street.

2. WEMBLEY STADIUM (London, England)

For decades Wembley Stadium has achieved a near-iconic status, declaring itself the Venue of Legends and holding some of the most exciting musical events in modern history. When Michael Jackson performed here he made the Guinness Book of World Records and when Bob Geldof's famous Live Aid benefit aired in 1985, it drew 1.4 billion viewers. Currently undergoing an ambitious remodel, the updated stadium will hold 90,000 fans and feature a 133 metre high steel arch, which replaces the former Twin Towers. Located past the North Circular Road near Central London.

3. SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE (Sydney, Australia)

In January of 1957, Danish architect Jørn Utzon won an international design competition to create a national opera house in Sydney. For years Utzon worked to develop his dream, largely surpassing the allotted budget, and radically changed portions of his original vision when the engineering proved to be too challenging. As a result, he was removed from the project. A new team of architects was brought in and the Sydney Opera House finally opened in October of 1973. Today, aside from being a top-notch concert hall, the structure is recognized worldwide for its beauty and individuality. Located on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbor.

4. FESTHALLE (Frankfurt, Germany)

Once considered the largest dome structure in Europe, the Festhalle has come a long way since it opened in May of 1909. The building, with its stunning glass roof, is recognized as a beautiful architectural landmark as well as an effective concert venue, hosting the likes of many modern musicians such as Rod Stewart and Destiny's Child. Located in the Frankfurt Trade fairgrounds.

5. SLANE CASTLE (County Meath, Ireland)

Presently under the care of Lord Henry Mount Charles, Slane Castle has been affiliated with the Scottish Conyngham family since the 1700s. The structure, featuring gothic gates and a magnificent grand ballroom is surrounded by lush, green hills and overlooks the River Boyne, making it an ideal outdoor performance area. Though a 1991 fire destroyed a large portion of the castle, it was restored over a 10-year period, and is again a functioning venue. A variety of of artists including Thin Lizzy and Bob Dylan have held concerts at the site. Located in the Boyne Valley, County Meath.


Once named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is made up of two three-hundred foot sandstone monoliths, set along the Rocky Mountain Foothills. The naturally formed venue got its official start in 1906 when visionary John Brisben Walker held the first concert. In 1927, the city of Denver purchased the land and its breathtaking open-air stage has been successful ever since. Past performers include The Beach Boys, The Clash and U2. Located fifteen miles west of Denver near Morrison.


With a capacity for 17,000 guests, the "˜Bercy' was completed in 1983 to help revive the less-cosmopolitan eastern half of Paris. The plan worked and the site now thrives, bringing world-class talent through its doors each year. Its unique pyramid appearance also makes it visually aesthetic and sets it apart from other venues of its type. Located at 8 Boulevard de Bercy in Paris.


Nicknamed "˜The Men' by locals, the Manchester Evening News Arena holds the title as Europe's largest indoor concert venue. Built in an attempt to win the bid for the 2000 Olympics, the structure boasts a capacity of 21,000 guests, yet can be transformed to accommodate more intimate gatherings of a few thousand patrons if need be. Artists ranging from Luciano Pavarotti to Madonna have performed at The Men, making it one of the most popular concert-going destinations in the world. Located in the Manchester City Centre, adjacent to Victoria Station.

9. AIR CANADA CENTRE (Toronto, Canada)

Built in the same location as the former Canada Post Delivery facility, the Air Canada Centre contains the south and east walls of the original structure, in addition to historically preserved window profiles. The distinctive flat roof promotes enhanced acoustics, and the capacity for up to 19,800 fans draws the largest names in entertainment to the Toronto community. For what some may call a young venue, this spot has already earned its place alongside the finest concert halls in existence. Located at 40 Bay Street.

10. TOKYO DOME (Tokyo, Japan)

It's the "˜Big Egg' to locals, but the rest of the world calls it the Tokyo Dome. With a capacity of 55,000, this structure with a special air-supported dome, holds the title of the largest concert venue in Japan. Since its opening in March of 1988, it has played host to many international superstars including Madonna and The Backstreet Boys. Located on Koraku, Bunkyo-ku in Tokyo.

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