10 Fun Wedding Favor Sayings

Wedding favors can be simple and elegant. Your guests will appreciate any kind of sentiment. Creating unique wedding favors saying and quotes can be easy and fun.

Wedding planning can be a stressful time in your life.The bride usually takes the brunt of the strain because she wants her wedding day to be perfect and memorable.The groom on the other hand is generally just there to get married and start his new life.With all of the plans and preparations the wedding favors should be the least of your worries.The best wedding favors are elegant, yet simple.People will probably end up leaving them on the table or throwing them away, so don't spend too much time or money on your favors.

Here are some ideas for sayings to attach to your wedding favor:

1. "Thank you for being so sweet!"John and Jane Doe (Bride and groom's names)""this saying can be attached to any kind of candy or sweet (mints or chocolates work well).

2. "Love is sweet fragrance in the air, we want to share the essence with you."Thank you for coming.John and Jane Doe (Bride and groom).This note can be attached to a decorative soap or a lovely sachet.

3. John and Jane were "Meant to Bee Together." Thanks for sharing in the happiness.John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""this saying looks great attached to a small jar of gourmet honey or an elegant bag with "Bit O'Honey" candy in it.

4. "This day I will marry my friend, my lover and partner throughout my time on earth." John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""this can be featured on a customized candy wrapper (works best on a flat candy bar such as a Hershey bar).

5. "Our love will burn forever." John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""this could be attached to some kind of a candle (heart candles or roses would fit well with this saying).

6. "A love beyond measure, to last for eternity."Thanks for sharing this special day with me.John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""goes well with some type of measuring spoon.

7. "Our wedding day will be framed in our minds forever."Thanks for sharing our happiness.John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""attach this saying to a silver or gold picture frame.

8. Today will leave a permanent "mark" in our hearts.Thank you for your kindness.John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""a silver plated bookmark is a wonderful favor idea for this saying.

9. Together we our love creates a "perfect blend."Your presence on this special day tops it off.John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""attach a package of gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

10. "Love is composed of a single sole inhabiting two bodies."Aristole.Thanks for sharing our special day.John and Jane Doe (bride and groom)""use this famous quote to accent a long stem rose (real or silk).

Creating a unique wedding favor to accent your special day doesn't have to be difficult.Use the ideas listed above or create your own idea.Write a poem to express your feelings or use a famous love quote from a well-known writer.Your guests will be delighted with whatever you choose.

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