10 Ideas For Home-Based Businesses

Looking for unique home business ideas? Read this article for ideas for businesses you can start immediately.

When you think of a home based business, you probably think of providing daycare for children and babies, house cleaning and window washing, bookkeeping and tax preparation, and lawn care. Many people have typical businesses such as these, and they earn a decent living by doing them too.

But if you're considering starting your own business, there are other ideas you can use to earn a decent living too. These are not your typical home businesses, so you'll have the advantage of being a "one of a kind" business that has little or no competition.

A good place to start is to check around your city and determine what types of products or services are not provided, but are needed. Here are ten home-based business ideas to get you started:

1. Construct Crossword Puzzles- If you enjoy working with words, then this might be the job for you. Most anyone who has a firm grasp of the English language, a software program, Internet access, and a computer can construct crossword puzzles. To find markets for your work, you can perform a search on the Internet or check out the current editions of puzzle books for contact information.

2. Collect and Sell Nuts- There are several companies that buy nuts such as chestnuts, hickory, acorns, et cetera. The great thing about this home business is that you don't even need to own an inch of land! All you need to buy is a nut collector, which is a hand pushed device on wheels that picks up nuts and stores them in a bin. Then, ask your neighbors, family, and friends that have nut trees on their property if you can collect the nuts. Since nuts can be a nuisance lying in yards or on sidewalks, most people will gladly allow you to take them for free!

Then, find a market for them by checking your local yellow pages or the Internet.

3. Collect and Sell Herbs- If you know your herbs, you can start your own home based business and get some exercise at the same time. Health food stores are often on the lookout for home grown herbs such as Ginseng, Chamomile, and Spearmint. Check your local phone directory and contact several health food stores to determine if they buy from private suppliers, what herbs they buy, and how much they pay before you begin.

4. Provide Genealogy Services- Many people are interested in their family's history, but yet they don't know where to begin a search. You can offer your services and supply them with a complete genealogy of their family for a flat fee.

Basically, all you need to start this business is a home computer, a genealogy software program, Internet access, and access to court and library records.

5. Provide Errand Services- With the fast paced lives that everyone leads nowadays, there are often not enough hours in a day to get everything done. You can help out busy people, senior citizens who don't drive, disabled persons, and others by contracting with them to do their errands. Simply decide how much you need to charge, and then advertise in your local newspaper.

6. Compile and Market Cookbooks- Cookbooks are always a popular seller, especially if the recipes are nutritious, but quick and easy to make. You can use any word processing program and your computer to write up a book. Then, either print off copies or take the master copy to a printer. Advertise in your local newspaper or on the Internet to sell copies.

7. Provide Home Inventories - Everyone needs to have their belongings, especially expensive items and collections, inventoried in case of a fire, theft, et cetera. If you have a camcorder, you can charge clients a flat fee to make a documentation of every item in their house.

As you walk through each room, have the owner describe their items as you document them on tape. Then, give them the tape and instruct them to store it in a fireproof safe or lock box.

8. Design and Build Pet Furniture and Toys- Ideas for these include handmade cloth toys that have Catnip in them, cat beds, dogs beds, scratching posts, leashes, collars, et cetera. Then you can sell them at flea markets or over the Internet.

9. Provide Daytime Adult Care- You may need a license for this home based business, but other than that, the start up costs are minimal. You can provide lunch, snacks, and beverages, as well as activities, games, and basic, loving care. To find clients, advertise in your local newspaper.

10. If you have a good quality camera, you can take snapshots of homes and turn them into either postcards or large framed photographs for homeowners. You'll be surprised at how many homeowners will gladly buy your products!

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