The 10 Most Romantic Wedding Locations

A list of 10 most romantic wedding ideas/spots.

The 10 most romantic wedding locations

Are you looking for a romantic spot for your wedding?There are many places to choose from today and since the options are a plenty we will help you by giving 10 of the most romantic spots.Some of the choices are inside and some will be outside. When planning your wedding you should first decide where you want it, check to see availability and then set the date from there.After that it should be a "piece of cake" so to speak. To start with the most popular choices tend to be churches.Others are gardens, homes, hotels, boats and more.Here is a list of only 10 but there are many more to be found.

1). A historical church would be a perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding.The only thing with this is most prefer you belong to their denomination.You can find one in your area by checking with the area visitor's bureau.They can direct you to a church small or large that has historical value.Mostly you'll find the "grandest" to be Catholic but, you can find others by just asking around.A few churches are Galveston, Texas First Presbyterian Church. Pennsylvania's Valley Forge Chapel is another.New York's St. Patrick's cathedral is another beautifully romantic place.

2). New Orleans City ParkNew Orleans, LA

Anyone out of state can get married in New Orleans; you just have to visit their local courthouse.This park has several beautiful options as it is a botanical garden divided into smaller individual gardens.The Pavilion of the Two Sisters is a perfect choice.This is modeled

after a traditional European orangery. With its long banks of arched windows, the Pavilion offers lovely vistas of the Zemurray Azalea and Camellia Garden featuring a Fluteplayer fountain to the east and the original 1930s garden and new Conservatory to the west. Also included are the Parterre Rose Garden, Popp Fountain, The Parkview Terrace and The Peristyle.They also have an antique Carousel to take pictures on/at.

3). Central Park New York city, NY

A quick note here ceremonies and photography sessions require permits from the Central Park Conservancy.There are eleven different gardens here to have your ceremony.Just contact the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation to find out all the information you'll need to know to plan your wedding here.

4). Litchfield Plantation Pawleys Island, SC

The plantation sits on 600 acres of a 1750s coastal rice plantation that has been meticulously transformed into a country inn.You can plan a simple ceremony or a lavish one as there is plenty of room and places to choose.From the front porch of the plantation home to the huge live oak trees or down on the Atlantic Ocean's beach.This location was chosen as one of the most romantic Inns.

5).The Grand Hotel Mackinac Island, Michigan

An all-inclusive wedding planner is available here to help you plan your special day.This hotel was used in the 1980 Christopher Reeves movie Somewhere In time.It was built on an island and opened in 1887.No motorized vehicles are allowed here, you can only travel by foot, bicycle or horse-drawn carriage horse.

6). Lake Tahoe California & Nevada

There are several locations through out Lake Tahoe within the California and Nevada States that are wonderful spots for a wedding. Couples are the Chateau (Nevada), the Cal Neva Resort (Nevada), and on the California side the Fantasy Inn and Wedding chapel. These locations can have everything from a simple elegant wedding to a beautiful sunset candlelit ceremony.

7).The Reef Restaurant Long Beach, Ca

For the ceremony the Reef offers two outside sites you can choose from the Sunset Deck and the Garden Area. The Sunset Deck is located on up on the rooftop.This location features a panoramic view of the harbor with the Queen Mary in view and the downtown skyline. The Garden Area is located just off of the Garden Ballroom and provides an intimate garden setting featuring a view of the harbor and city skyline also.

8) Cypress Gardens, Florida

An adventure park with gorgeous gardens.It has a variety of animals such as a rabbit and swan that gallivant throughout.The most outstanding piece is the waterfall, a dazzling display accented by beautiful flowers all around.The Plantation Gardens enhance the grounds of Snively Mansion and include the herb garden, a glorious rose garden and the butterfly garden.Contact the park for more

information on reservations.

9) Marriage Island, San Antonio's Riverwalk

is renowned for picturesque colonial architecture, beautiful trees and lovely scenery. It's especially romantic in December, when the trees are decorated with over 100,000 twinkling lights. This island in the middle of the river is a favorite spot for weddings, and has been affectionately dubbed "Marriage Island." After your wedding, enjoy a boat ride down the river.

10). Hawaii

And where else could be more romantic than Hawaii.There are numerous resorts available on all the islands to choose from.Here a sunset ceremony on the beach is the most romantic thing to do.The islands have beautiful tropical locations also.Do some research on the areas resorts and the one you pick will help you plan your wedding ceremony from beginning to end including the honeymoon.

It depends on what you want to spend, what you are looking for and just how far you want to go away from home as to where you choose for your ceremony.Don't forget to look locally at the parks, botanical gardens, museums, churches, and even your own backyard.You can make anywhere a romantic place with just the right touch.

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