10 simple feng shui tips for the office

Feng shui for the office is as simple as just moving around the furniture and placing a few special items in your office, and it will change the success of your business.

Most of the time when you hear about feng shui, it is in reference to design changes you can make in your home to attract wealth, health, happiness and other good things. But you can also use feng shui to achieve these benefits in your office, whether your work inside or outside of the home.

Before we get to specific tips having to do with the layout of your home office, we need to consider the general areas into which the home office can be divided. Feng shui is based on a map known as the bagua. Each section of the map represents a section of your life, and the items in that sector will affect that area of your life.

To draw the bagua for your office, sketch the room on a piece of paper. It helps if the room is square or rectangular. If it is not, you may have to leave off portions of the room for this exercise. Divide the room into nine equal sections (by dividing the room into thirds in each direction on your drawing). For the purposes of bagua mapping, the entrance to the room is at the bottom of the map. Orient your map this way and then label each of the sections, left to right and top to bottom as follows: wealth and prosperity; fame and reputation; love and relationships; health and family; center; creativity and children; knowledge and self-cultivation; career; and helpful people and travel. Using this map you can then design your office with the following tips in mind.

1. To attract business, place your computer, fax machine and printer in the wealth area. If you own a business that has a cash register or petty cash box, keep these in the wealth area if possible, too. To attract more wealth you can tie Chinese coins together with a red ribbon and hang in this area of your office.

2. Position your desk so that your back is against a wall. This symbolizes support in your life and business. Also, do not sit with a window behind you, as this will lead positive energy out of your life. If possible, do not position your desk so the door will hit the desk, as this interferes with positive energy. And if you can select an office with only one door, this is better than one with two doors because energy will not flow in one door and out the other.

3. You also do not want to sit with your back to the entrance, as this will encourage paranoia and negative energy. If this cannot be avoided, hang a mirror so you can always see who is coming. Also, if possible, place your desk so there is not a sharp corner behind you. If there is, you will find yourself being blamed for other people's mistakes.

4. Photocopiers and paper cutters should not be placed near a door. The warmth of the copy machine is said to disperse energy coming into the room, and a paper cutter near the door will encourage gossip and fights among employees.

5. If you want to become a leader in your industry, place a dragon on the right side of your desk, looking out a window or toward a fountain (a fountain in your wealth sector attracts money and also is said to have health benefits). The reason for having the dragon look out a window or at water is that the dragon is said to always go after a pearl.

6. Avoid cacti or sharp-looking plants in your office, as they will make the energy that passes through them rough and sharp, which is not the kind of energy you want in your office. Instead, consider lucky bamboo. It is easy to care for and attracts wealth and health when placed in those sectors.

7. Avoid clutter of all kinds in your office. Many offices that are designed with feng shui in mind do not have any paper organizers or in and out boxes on the desktops because any kind of clutter is thought to disrupt good energy. If possible, organize all your files in a filing cabinet or inside your desk, leaving your desktops and other open surfaces as clear as possible.

8. A crystal ball can be placed near your telephone to attract more business calls. Such a ball is also considered useful to attract wealth and good luck in general, even if not placed near the phone. A crystal hanging in the window will activate energy (and look really cool when light hits it).

9. If you have a creative job, place something metal in the creativity and children section to enhance your creativity on the job. You can also put your computer in this section if you need extra help being creative. Also, placing a fountain in your career center will bring you prosperity in your career.

10. Aquariums are great for attracting positive energy. Place an aquarium with a few fish in your wealth, fame or career section to attract goodness to those areas. You can add to the effectiveness by choosing fish that are the appropriate color for that section (blue, purple or red for the wealth section, red for fame and dark fish for the career area).

There is a lot to consider when designing your office according to feng shui. You must also make the office work for you and your needs. If at the very least you can position your desk correctly, with your back to a wall and facing the door, in the wealth or career sector if possible, then you will be on your way to a positive energy experience. You can add other items to your office design as you like and see if the changes make any difference in your cash flow, health, organization or creativity. And remember to approach these changes with positive energy, have fun and explore the positive possibilities that feng shui can bring into your life.

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