10 Simple Wedding Or Prom Looks With French Braids

Instructions for 10 simple formal hair styles based on the french braid.

French braids are very elegant styles that are as practical as they are lovely.They will keep even the wildest curls under control and are cool in the hottest weather.French braids are a variation on the basic 3 strand braid (right over center, left over center, repeat).Here is a quick outline of how to create a basic French braid.Below that are variations on the theme to create simple, unique formal looks with the French braid at the core of each.

Basic French Braid:

1.Lift a narrow section of hair from along the hair line.Divide it into 3 sections.

2.Cross the right section over the center, keeping the braid firmly under control.

3.Cross the left section over the center sections, and snug the braid with your thumbs to keep it tight.

4.Lift the right section along with a thin strip of hair from the right side of your head, cross this enlarged right section over the center section.

5.Lift the left section along with a thin strip of hair from the left side of your head and cross it over the center section.

6.Repeat 4. and 5. lifting sections parallel with the hair line and adding them to the braid with each plat.When your reach the nape of the neck, divide the remaining hair into the three sections and finish the tail of the braid with the basic 3 stand method.

When you finish your braid there will be 3 parts to the style, (1) the top portion with a braid secured against the scalp, (2) the tail that is braided traditionally, and (3) the pocket behind the top section.On a looser braid you can lift the actual braid away from the scalp and slide your fingers into the pocket.We will need this to be accessible for several of the styles below.

1.Single French Braid with Wisps.

Complete a basic French braid.Secure the end with an attractive tie or barrette.Using a pick, pull loose a few wisps around your face and curl them with a hot curling iron.Mist with setting spray.

2.Double French braids

Part your hair in the center and braid each side separately.Secure with attractive ties or barrettes.

3.Tail Tucks (Single or Double)

After your complete the braid (or braids) secure the ends with a hair-colored ties and tuck the tail braid into the pocket behind the upper portion of the braid.Secure with pins.

4.French ponytail

Begin your braid very close to the hairline and French braid only to the back of the crown.Draw all of the remaining hair up into a pony tail and secure with an attractive tie or barrette.Curl the ends of the pony tail with a hot iron and mist with setting spray.

5.Upside Down French Braid.

Flip your head over and begin your braid at the nape of your neck and work up to your hairline.This braid should be very tight to begin with and loose at the end.Braid the tail and tuck it into the pocket, securing the arrangement with pins.

6.Dutch Braid

Instead of crossing your strands over one another, cross behind.This will make a dramatic 3 dimensional look without a "pocket" behind it.Braid the tail and spritz with finishing spray.

7.Diagonal braid

Begin your French braid an inch in front of one ear and end it an inch behind the other ear.Tuck the tail into the pocket and pin it in place.

8.Half braid.

Begin your braid very close to your hairline and stop drawing in new strips of hair at the back of the crown.This will leave a large portion of your hair loose, and accented with the braided tail.You can also tie off at the base of the top section and not braid the tail at all.This style looks lovely with soft curls, or with hair that has been flat-ironed out.

9.Mixed braids.

French braid the top portion of your hair, and once you've incorporated all of the loose sections into the braid, tie of with a hair color hair tie.Braid the bottom section with a different sort of braid.Consider 3-ply rope braid or herringbone braid.Both of these styles are distinctly different from the surface of the French braid.


As with double braids, part the hair in the center.Braid each side separately to the back of the crown.Once both sides are French braided to that point, join each of their sections together: right and left right sections, right and left center sections, and right and left left sections.Continue with a traditional French braid at this point.

All of these styles can be accented with fancy hair ties or barrettes.Also consider using hairpins that have pearl beads on them, glittery hair spray, and flexible barrettes to control any fly-aways (in tortoise shell, hair-color, or bright tones).There are no shortage of variations for the basic French braid, and a million accessories to add to the look.

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