10 Tips For Men: Being Romantic

Use these 10 tips to become the romantic man your wife or girlfriend loves.

There are some men out there that will still throw their coat over a puddle to keep their wife or girlfriend from ruining their nice shoes, and then there are some men out there that think stifling their burps at dinner is a romantic gesture. For these men, here are ten tips to get out of the comfort zone and become the romantic Don Juan your wife or girlfriend may be yearning for.

* Do the unexpected. If you are a homebody who loves to just sit on the couch watching ESPN or if you spend most weekends working out in the garage, surprise your wife by going against your nature and planning a night out with her. Or, on the flip side, if you and your wife spend most weekends going out and partying with friends, plan a romantic night in with just the two of you. The most important part of this is that you actually PLAN the entire night. Don't simply say you are going out and then hit her with, "So, what do you want to do?"

* No woman can resist being catered to, so send your wife/girlfriend out for some quality time with her friends while you cook her favorite meal. Make sure you serve her meal and make sure to do the dishes afterward.

* If your wife has to work late or if you know she will be working through lunch and eating a bland frozen entrée from home, bring her some take-out food. Most women love when their husband/boyfriend remember small things like that.

* When your wife/girlfriend gets out of work and wants to tell you about her day, actually turn away from the television, give her your full attention and really listen to what she has to say. Ask her questions about herself and how her day was. This is not the time to offer husbandly advice. Rather, act as her sounding board.

* There are fewer things better than a weekend away from it all. Plan an entire weekend for just you and her. This entails booking hotel or bed and breakfast reservations, deciding on a babysitter for the kids and picking out activities for you and her to enjoy.

* Wake up early one weekend morning and make her favorite breakfast to serve her in bed. Pair this with her favorite magazine or book she is reading and give her some time to just relax.

* It's Friday night and you are going to watch a movie. Think of all the times she has sat and watched the latest action-adventure movie with you (even though she didn't necessarily want to) and watch the movie she wants to, even if it IS the latest tearjerker.

* Men may laugh about it and think it's silly, but, yes, sometimes we women really do like to just cuddle. Kiss and cuddle her to her heart's content.

* Maybe you don't necessarily LIKE to play tennis or ride bikes, but she does. Without complaining, do one of her favorite activities with her.

* If your wife loves to cook, book a cooking class that you two can take together. If she is into dancing, commit to learning her favorite dance with her.

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