10 Uses For Dryer Sheets

There are many uses for dryer sheets other than removing static cling from laundry, and here are the top 10.

Dryer sheets are convenient, aren't they? All you have to is take one out of the box, toss it in the dryer with your wet clothes, and you're done. No heavy bottle to contend with or fabric softener drips to clean up. Bet you didn't know that there are many other uses for dryer sheets as well. That's right, not only are they a cheap and easy laundry staple, but they are also a frugal homemaker's best friend. Because of their ability to freshen, soften and eliminate static, they're recommended for an assortment of household projects other than their intended purpose.

Read on for some uncommon uses for this common household product.

1. Remove Soap Scum - Use to wipe soap scum off your tub, tile and shower doors. No chemicals, no messy sprays or soaps, just wipe down your glass and tile walls with a dryer sheet and the soap scum is gone.

2. Pest Repellent - Hang from your deck, porch, patio or anywhere else outside you'd like to eliminate mosquitoes. Dryer sheets will keep these pesky bugs from spoiling your picnics, barbecues and pool parties. In fact, if you're eating out doors and ants come a-calling, lay a dryer sheet or two on the ground and they'll back off. Dryer sheets are also said to repel mice in much the same manner. Don't go camping without them.

3. Clean Up Pet Hair - If you want to remove pet hair from furniture, clothes, carpeting and other areas, wipe with a dryer sheet. No one will ever know you have a pet!

4. Eliminate Static - A dryer sheet will eliminate static from the television screen, computer monitor and other electronic equipment. Give the affected area a good wipe down with a dryer sheet and not only will the static be eliminated, but it'll be a while before you see dust buildup again.

5. Clean those Blinds - No one likes to clean dusty, static-laden Venetian blinds, but the job is made much easier with a dryer sheet. Just clean each slat with a sheet. You'll probably need more than one, but it will clean, shine and deter future buildup.

6. Tangle Free Sewing - If you sew or do needlepoint, you'll appreciate dryer sheets as a detangler. Just run your thread across a dryer sheet and you won't have to worry about those frustrating knots and tangles. Always keep a dryer sheet or two in a zip lock in your sewing basket.

7. Freshen Drawers and Closets - Place a dryer sheet in each dresser drawer or hang in closets. Not only do they neutralize odors, but they leave a clean, fresh scent in their wake.

8. Handyman's Helper - Keep a box of dryer sheets on the workbench for quick cleanup after messy woodworking projects. A dryer sheet will pick up sawdust like metal to a magnet.

9. Clean Pots and Pans - Don't let stuck-on foods frustrate you. If you have stubborn food particles stuck to your pots, pans or casserole dishes, the dryer sheet is your best friend. If you need to soak a pan, put a dryer sheet on the bottom before filling with water. Leave over night and in the morning your pan will be much easier to clean.

10. Neutralize Laundry Odors - Are stinky hamper odors sullying your bedrooms or bathrooms? Tape a dryer sheet to the inside of the hamper. The odors will disappear and will soon be replaced by a fresh scent.

Who knew dryer sheets could be so useful? Since they're so inexpensive, they're a welcome addition to all households. Once you purchase a box, you're bound to find more uses such as untangling pantyhose or neutralizing smelly trash can odors. Try it once, and it's bound to become a regular entry on your shopping list.

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