10 Wedding Location Ideas In Detroit

Ten great places to get married in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit isn't the typical, run-of-the-mill location to hold a wedding.Although the city is no Hawaii, Detroit offers many options for those wishing to tie the knot in the automobile center of the country.Here are ten ideas for creative weddings in a city not typically known for its wedding allure.

One of the most exotic places you will find in Detroit is the Detroit Zoo.The city was the first to pioneer fenceless animal exhibits.Here you will find a great array of beasts, ranging from lions, bears, monkeys, and elephants.The Artic Ring of Life, which is the world's largest polar bear exhibit may just be the perfect place to exchange vows on a beautiful day surrounded by your friends, family, and of course, bears.Here you can walk through an underwater tunnel as the bears swim above you and thrill your guests.

Detroit is home to some of the latest automotive innovations and if you are creative you can incorporate this rich history into your special day.The Renaissance Center, located downtown, is the world's headquarters of GM.Here you can get into different cars and see if any of them are your perfect fit for your honeymoon drive across the country.Your guests will have fun gawking at the various models of antique and new cars after or before the wedding ceremony.

Just miles from the Renaissance Center you will find a unique area where fajita is the word.Mexicantown restaurants serve up the finest of Mexican dishes.If your wedding is in the summer months you can coincide the event with one of the many outdoor festivals, or if you are more adventurous, hold your wedding on Cinco de Mayo for a real party.

If Mexican food is not your style and if your guests would prefer a different global setting for the big day try traveling a few miles to Greektown for traditional Greek food, fare and culture.Visitors come to this Victorian-era streetscape in Detroit to be entertained and to dine.There are countless bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and casinos for the pleasure of your wedding party and invites.

At Depot Town you can have your wedding amid the sounds of the "˜50s and "˜60s.In this throw-back section of town your party can stroll through a collection of unique shops and antique boutique stores.Here you can find lines of classic, vintage, and antique automobiles in the streets to gaze at or to use as the perfect background for creative wedding pictures.There are also a plethora of restaurants to enjoy the weekend of the big event.

If your taste in music is more on the mellow side try booking your event at the Greystone International Hall of Fame.In the twenties and thirties Detroit was a center for jazz.At Paradise Valley people of all races joined to enjoy music together.Greystone Ballroom became one of the finest entertainment venues in the area at this time, and the history has been preserved in the forma of a museum.Memorabilia from Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Duke Ellington can be incorporated in your special day, particularly if you come from a musical background.

Bricktown stretches from East Congress to East Fort in Detroit.Here you will find a row of brick buildings, a plethora of fine restaurants and trendy shops. The urban-revival in this area can be the perfect backdrop to your wedding ceremony.

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature's gifts, hold you wedding at the Anna Whitcomb Conservatory. Though still located in heart of the city, you will feel miles away among the collection of wild and exotic flowers, water gardens, and the famous Heritage Rose garden.Exchanging vows in front of a bed of beautiful perennials may just be the recipe for a perfect wedding.

If you want to experience nature in a unique way without having to leave the city streets, visit Belle Isle Park.Bell Isle was inspired by the 19th century trend in Paris to create a metropolitan park.The park is located in the thick of the city so while you enjoy the pleasures of nature you can use the backdrop of the cityscape to impress your guests and make the pictures look stunning.A summer's night ceremony may just be the ticket at Belle Isle Park.

While there is plenty to do in Detroit, the allure of the city has much to do with its proximity to Canada.If you want to plan a day trip for your wedding, try heading over the river to Windsor, Ontario, Canada.Here you will find a stretch of road extending three miles on the edge of the Detroit River.There are gardens and sculptures all along this scenic walking path system; the perfect place to plant your wedding party.

As you can see, Detroit, while known mostly for its contribution to music and the automobile industry, can service your wedding needs like any other city in the United States.

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