10 Wedding Location Ideas In Nashville

Learn about 10 great places in Nashville to have a wedding.

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and time consuming.When planning a wedding, it is important to make things as easy as possible so that the stress does not wear on you.One of the most important decisions to be made is the location of the wedding.Nashville offers some wonderful locations for a unique and beautiful wedding.

A great place in Nashville to have a wedding is the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art.This beautiful garden is located on 55 acres of land in Nashville.The size of the garden leave you with many different choices for your wedding location as well as beautiful indoors sites.This is a great choice if you are worried about weather changes and prefer to have they flowers there without buying them.

Maybe when you are in Nashville you are looking for something a little more historical.Try having your wedding at The Hermitage, which is the home of President Andrew Jackson.This area includes an elegant mansion, an 1823 church, an auditorium, a cabin, gardens, and beautiful grounds that are spacious and available to make your wedding the best day.Free parking is available at the site as well as standard security.

Another great historic and beautiful place to have your wedding in Nashville is the Belmont Mansion.This mansion is elegant in its Victorian style.The Grand Salon is extremely beautiful and is a perfect place for you to take your vows.The atmosphere simply says romance, and you will love every minute of your dream wedding at this gorgeous mansion.

Maybe you prefer to be a little more rustic with your Nashville wedding.If this is the case, then check out the Buchanon Log House.This is a two-story log house that started in 1800.This beautiful log house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is made of chestnut logs.Limestone fireplaces become the focal points in the parlor and in the bride's room.This area is very beautiful and rustic.It offers a great setting for a once in a life time wedding and beautiful pictures for the wedding album.

The Scarritt-Bennett Center and Wightman Chapel is a great place to have a wedding if you prefer to keep your wedding indoors and in a chapel.The Center has two chapels to offer, and beautifully landscaped grounds surround the gothic stone buildings.This is a perfect place for any wedding.

Who can think of Nashville without thinking of Opryland?Gaylord Opryland is another great place to exchange vows.There are nine acres of indoor gardens, beautiful ballrooms, and warm weather all year round.This is a great place for a wedding.Imagine being under a magnificent glass atrium surrounded by flowers and cascading waterfalls.Anyone would imagine such a beautiful place for a wedding.

Maybe you want to a have a wedding location that is somewhat unique and different than other weddings that you have attended.Maybe you should try a Riverboat.You can set sail on the General Jackson, which is decked out with flowers and greenery.You can enjoy dining and entertainment indoors and outdoors, while exchanging your vows on a shimmering sunset cruise on the Cumberland River.

Stadium Club at Vanderbilt is another great place to look into if you are planning a large wedding.With over 7000 square feet, this area offers a great place for a large wedding.The Stadium Club can house 960 guests, which is perfect if you are going all out and do not know where to seat everyone.The beautiful décor will be the perfect place for a wedding.

Two Rivers Mansion is another great place to have a wedding in Nashville.This beautiful mansion has two parlors with 14-foot ceilings that create the perfect atmosphere for any wedding.The grounds are beautiful as well, and can be used to take pictures.The entire mansion has been restored to its original splendor when it was the focal point of an 1100-acre plantation.This is truly a great place to enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Another beautiful mansion to have a wedding is the Riverwood Mansion.This is one of Nashville's historical treasures, and was built in the mid 1790's.This two story brick mansion houses gorgeous indoor and spectacular outdoor scenery.If you want to enjoy an elegant setting with a little romance thrown in, then this is the perfect place for your wedding ceremony.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor garden scene or an indoor parlor with beautiful décor, Nashville has what you are looking for.Your wedding is an important day, and you should enjoy the atmosphere as much as you enjoy exchanging your vows with your partner.

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