10 wedding location ideas in norfolk

A list of ten beautiful locations for a wedding in Norfolk, Virginia.

Norfolk, Virginia is located on the Chesapeake Bay with an area rich and full of beauty and history.If you are planning on getting married, there are some wonderful locations in Norfolk.Whether you are a local or coming from out of town, Norfolk has some beautiful places for you to exchange vows.

The Chrysler Museum is a newly renovated art and sculpture gallery with two floors of magnificent art ranging from ancient to medieval to modern.The museum's foyer offers up beautiful natural light flowing in from high windows, marble staircases and pillars, and a great amount of floor space.Attention to detail and the finer things make the Chrysler Museum a unique and elegant place to be married.

Ocean View Park is located directly on the beach in Norfolk.The park has a beautiful boardwalk lined with benches for people to sit and look out at the bay.Miles and miles of beach run along the entire stretch, and the park has a large, covered gazebo that would make a perfect wedding location.There are contacts to get in touch with if you choose this location to reserve the gazebo at a specified date and time, and the area makes for a peaceful and scenic wedding.

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens would also make a spectacular place for a wedding, especially for the nature and flower lover.The Gardens feature over 150 acres of plants and flowers.There are approximately 20 different theme gardens, all of which would be a lovely springtime wedding backdrop.The Gardens is an excellent choice for a springtime wedding, and allows you to take in the scents and sights of nature.

The Radisson Hotel in downtown Norfolk offers over 30,000 feet of reception space. If by chance your wedding does not need this much space, the Radisson has several banquet, reception, and meeting halls.Weddings can also take place in any of these areas as well.

The Spirit of Norfolk is an excellent choice for an elegant, romantic wedding.The boat can hold approximately 450 people.There are two main levels, and the third level of the boat serves as an observation deck.The Spirit of Norfolk is great for a ceremony/reception combo, as there is plenty of room to perform services, and a dance floor and on-boat restaurant for celebrations.The boat travels along the Chesapeake Bay, and the movement creates a fabulous, ever changing background to your wedding.

Freemason Inn is a historic Bed and Breakfast located in Norfolk.The Inn has a Victorian feel to it, and they even have their very own caterer and wedding singer!The Freemason Inn would make an excellent choice for a smaller, warmer environment.

The Sheraton Waterside is one of the largest hotels in downtown Norfolk, with waterfront views.The hotel has over 22 meeting rooms, the largest of which can hold 1600 people.For customized services, the hotel offers catering, DJs, and decorations so you can have everything done together all at once.Not only does the Sheraton offer some convenience, it is a great choice if you are having a lot of out of town guests.

The Historic Page House Inn is located right next to the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk's Historic Ghent.Mainly used a Bed and Breakfast, the Page House is a beautiful historical brick building built over a century ago.It makes a beautiful location for a quaint wedding and reception, or even as a honeymoon spot.

Hidden on the shore of the Lafayette River, the Hermitage Foundation Museum is a beautiful home donated by the Sloane family.The museum maintains an ever changing gallery, as well as a beautifully well-kept rose garden.Surrounded by woods, the Hermitage is a peaceful place for a wedding with a breathtaking view of lovingly cared for gardens.Locations available for weddings include the rose garden, shoreline, east garden, or grotto.Each locations hold different amounts of people, so be sure to contact the museum when choosing a spot for reservations.

The Hunter House Victorian museum is located in downtown Norfolk on Freemason Street.The museum is an old home filled with beautiful memories and art from the Victorian era.Built in 1894, the entire home has been refurbished inside, while maintaining all of the original artifacts from the era.The museum would make a lovely spot for a wedding, with a quiet setting and beautiful backdrop.

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