15 Ways To Spend Less

Americans get more and more in debt each year. We have a bad spending habit. Here are some tips to spend less and stop the urge to splurge and start saving.

Americans get more and more in debt each year. We have a bad spending habit. It wouldn't be so bad if we just bought the necessities. Goodness knows things are expensive enough just to battle there. But that is not where our true battle lies. We are all spoiled rotten. Most of it we do not need, but just want. Here are some tips to stop the urge to splurge and start saving.

-make a list. When you go to the store, buy ONLY what is on your list!

-don't buy in bulk unless you have a secret hiding place for stuff, because buying more will only make your family use more of the stuff you buy. For example, if you buy a case of cookies, your kids will just eat more cookies.

-get rid of the credit cards. Keep one for emergencies if you must.

-watch less t.v. (no home shopping channels) and no buying online, no catalogs. All of these increase the temptation to buy, buy, buy!

-don't go window shopping when you are bored or depressed. You will buy more than the window!

-set dollar limits. If you are going to buy a second hand car, electronics or an appliance, set a dollar limit and stick to it!!!

-buy generic, clip coupons, pinch those pennies!!! (roll them, too!)

-sometimes buying name brand is good, because you get the quality, like tennis shoes or tools, but again, set a limit. If there is a $50 pair of Nikes or Adidas or whatever, and a $100 pair, settle for the $50 pair.

-cook large amounts of food at a time from scratch, as well as several different meals. Prepackaged stuff costs a lot more and it's not as healthy, anyway. Freeze portions for meals later, during the week or when things in the pantry are scarce. This will also save time, and energy. Also, bake your own bread.

-grow your own! Make a garden! Not only is it fun for the whole family, you can save alot of money on produce.

-avoid shopping with your rich friends or friends who shop like they are rich! You will just try to keep up and end up buying things you don't really need and that you can't really afford.

-don't bring the kids shopping. Kids always make you spend more than you can afford!

-always think practical whenever you are shopping. Always ask yourself, "do I NEED this?", or ask yourself, "is this absolutely necessary?" If your answer is yes to either or both of these questions, then you are being practical, but you HAVE to be honest with yourself!

-make a budget and stick to it! Putting the numbers down on paper will show you just where all your money is going! Chances are that your family is spending a lot on entertainment. Another mistake we make when making a budget is we don't figure in emergency money, such as a trip to the doctor or car repairs, and annual or seasonal expenses like pool supplies, school supplies and clothes or uniforms, and Christmas! Plan ahead!

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