20 Wedding Favor Ideas You Can Buy Locally And Cheaply

The following 20 wedding favor ideas can by bought inexpensively at local stores, and many can be used as part of your wedding decor.

Wedding favors do not have to cost a lot to look special.Many wedding favors can be found at your local craft or dollar store.When you are planning for your wedding favors, make sure they match your overall wedding theme.And to get the most out of your wedding favors, plan on using them as part of your reception tables' decorations.

The following is a list of possible inexpensive wedding favor ideas that you can find locally.

1. Wedding Cookies - Ask your local bakery to bake and frost personalized wedding cookies for you in the shape of a heart, flower or wedding cake.

2. Small Picture Frames - Small pictures frames can be used as a placecard holder and then sent home with guests.Pick picture frames that match your wedding's theme.For example, pick a frame with butterflies for a spring wedding.

3. Organza Bags - Sheer organza bags are very inexpensive and can be filled with a variety of things.Candy that matches your wedding colors is a popular choice, but you can also use bath soaps, potpourri or rose petals.

4. Floral Vases - Inexpensive floral vases can be filled with flowers as part of the reception tables' centerpieces and then sent home with guests.

5. Cookie Cutters - A pair of metal heart or butterfly shaped cookie cutters can be tied with ribbon for a unique wedding favor.

6. Magnets - Personalized magnets will remind guests of your special day.You can also use magnets that match your wedding theme, such as starfish for a beach wedding theme.

7. Potted Flowers - Clumped together, small potted flowers will look like a floral centerpiece for your tables.Once guests begin leaving, send the flowers home with them.

8. Bath Soaps - Decorative bath soaps come in a variety of colors and scents that can blend with your wedding theme.

9. Bottled Bath Salts - Tied with a ribbon, bottled bath salts will be a welcomed wedding favor.

10. Favor Boxes - Favor boxes can be filled with a chocolate truffle or candle for guests.

11. Vellum Envelopes - Vellum envelopes filled with mints or petal blossoms make an inexpensive wedding favor.

12. Flower Seeds - Choose flowers that were part of your wedding decorations so guests can be reminded of the special day.

13. Specialty Teas - A loose tea mix enclosed in a decorative wrapping will be a welcomed gift.

14. Candy - Personalize your choice of candy by selecting a type that matches your wedding colors, such as mints or hard candy.The candy can also be personalized with a decorative box or envelope.

15. Votive Candles - Candles come in a variety of colors and scents.You can purchase inexpensive votive candles in a candle holder, or you can purchase them separately.

16. Figurines - Match figurines with the rest of your wedding theme and then send them home with guests.For example, if you are having a beach wedding theme, decorate the table with seashell and starfish figurines.

17. Gum or Mints - Gum or mints can be packaged in a personalized container.Many wedding stores sell special wedding mints that are prepackaged.

18. Personalized Pen - You can order personalized pens from a local stationary store.You can include the date of the ceremony or a quote for guests to remember.

19. Miniature Gift Books - A small book of poems or sayings will help guests remember what made the day so special.

20. Decorative Key Rings - Choose a key ring, such as a heart, to remind guests of your special day.

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