20 Weird Hair Color Highlight Ideas For Dark Hair

No matter what tones are present in your dark hair, you can attract attention and express your personality and sense of style using highlights.

Dark hair lends itself well to many exiting and daring highlighting and low lighting options. The reflective shiny quality of darker heads lends well to adding a depth and range of color that lighter tones simply don't allow for.

If your hair color ranges from medium brown to chestnut, Reds and coppery hues are a good choice. You may wish to have the stylist do a combination of colors in the red family ranging from warm to deep hues, in thin streaks all throughout the head, thus giving the hair a vivid multidimensional look

To achieve drama highlights can be bold and thick gathered toward the crown in heavy chunks. It is always important to consider underlying tone, as this will help you find colors that best compliment your complexion. Your base tone is either cool or warm. The stylist will determine this and help you pick the right shades that won't leave you looking sallow or washed out. Bold coloring with vivid oranges or coppers can be quite dramatic. You may also wish to veer towards a fire engine red shade. Blonde highlights should be kept closer to the gold spectrum for this hair type. Some ideas for color choices include

1) Warm golden blonde

2) Honey blonde

3) Day-Glo buttercup blonde

4) Copper

5) Carrot orange

6) Rust

7) Mahogany

8) Brick red

9) Fire engine red

10) Burgundy

For deeper toned hair that is black or nearly black, the options for dramatic, edgy looks are various. Some dark brunettes have a cool undertone which lends well to severe highlighting in icy platinum, and if daring even cool blues. A striking punk look can be gained by altering icy blue and platinum streaks all through out, or simply having two severe locks in the front done in a cool deep navy blue. Layered coloring is an even more dramatic option. This is where the base color is kept at the natural shade and a large top portion is gathered and bleached out to a severe contrasting shade. This can give a very angular and bold look. Purple highlighting is another option. You could have the hair lightened throughout the crown in streaks of purples and plums. This looks well on hair that has a raven black quality. It has an almost iridescent bird wing quality and the light plays of it beautifully.

This hair type should veer away from any shades that are too warm. You want to gain a startling contrast, and play up your natural shade, not tone it down. Color choices for darker heads may include,

1) Platinum blonde

2) Cool ash blonde

3) Ice blue

4) Deep royal blue

5) Spruce green

6) Violet

7) Blue red

8) Plum

9) Deep purple

10) Magenta

In picking color for a dramatic look it is vital to remember that more is less. Keep vivid contrasts in mind. All too often people go too severe and then end up regretting it, thus having to color correct, which is a costly and often corrosive procedure. There is no need to put the hair through this strain. I would also avoid impulsive coloring with inferior dyes. If you want vivid and startling color it is always best to consult a reputable stylist. This consultation will let you know what works and what won't. There are a wide and ever expanding variety of hues available which can give you the flair you desire without compromising what you have naturally. So visit your stylist, play it up and have fun!

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