20 Weird Hair Color Highlight Ideas For Light Hair

Here are some wild, wacky, and fun ideas and instructions for streaking or highlighting light-colored hair in the traditional way, and some not-so-traditional ideas.

People with light-colored hair are fortunate in that most colors of highlights work well for them. Traditional highlighting products are sometimes expensive but work well. Other highlighting choices are a little less traditional, a little less expensive, but are temporary. If you're in to weird and wacky hair designs, check out the following hair highlight and streaking tips:

1) Purchase two or three shades of traditional highlighting products, in different colors. Most of these come with a cap that is full of tiny holes. Pull hair through some of the holes, and then streak. After it is set, pull different sections of hair through and streak them, continuing with as many colors as desired.

2) Use black mascara - not waterproof - to go for a gothic look. Section hair off and brush the mascara from the scalp, down to the ends. Do many sections for a totally gothic appearance, or just do a streak here and there.

3) Use blue mascara to streak hair, but only do the scalp area, skip a portion of the hair section, then streak the ends. This will give you a vertical stripe appearance to the hair.

4) Use green and blue mascara and take turns highlighting the hair with them. Alternate them by using a green streak, letting the blonde show, then adding a blue streak, and so on. Let each color dry well before adding the next color.

5) Just comb the bangs with a mascara wand in the color of your choice.

6) Just highlight the ends of the hair with a mascara wand, using your choice of color(s).

7) Use powdered drink mix on damp hair to highlight the entire scalp region, leaving the rest blonde. The powdered drink mix comes in many different colors for total weirdness.

8) Use powdered drink mix to highlight the hair in a rainbow of colors. Start with purple, then blue, then red, then orange, then yellow, and finally, green.

9) Braid tiny plats into the hair, leaving most of the hair hang free. Use the powdered drink mix to highlight just the tiny braids.

10) Instead of braiding, just take a few hairs here and there, and highlight them with the drink mix, in red, blue, or green.

11) Put colored polka-dots in your hair by using a round foam brush, dipping it into the drink mix powder, and dabbing on damp hair.

12) Dip a square foam brush into powdered drink mix, then touch the end of the brush, at different angles, to the hair, for a wild look of various colored lines in the hair.

13) Gather the hair in to many little ponytails and color each one a different shade with the powdered drink mix.

14) Gather the hair into one ponytail, in the back, and tint it one color, then highlight the scalp part of the hair another color, then do the bangs in a third color.

15) Color a ponytail with many different highlights by first gathering it into a tie, and then separating the ponytail into sections. Highlight one section with one color and pin the section over to the side while highlighting the next section. Continue until each section is a different color.

16) After arranging hair in two pigtails, highlight the bangs with streaks of green and yellow, then touch just the tips of the pigtails in the same colors.

17) Wear a headband and highlight everything below the headband in black, then everything above the headband, yellow, red or blue.

18) Use styling gel to make portions of the hair stick out or up, then highlight just the tips of the points with red lipstick.

19) Highlight bangs and ends of the hair with copper-colored hair dye, and leave the rest blonde.

20) Highlight stripes of copper, gold or silver into the hair, but leave the ends blonde.

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