25 Extraordinary Uses For Old Newspaper

Do you just place your old newspapers in your trash? Read this article to find out how you can use them wisely instead!

1. Painting Mask

Cut sheets of newspapers and use painter's tape to cover windows when you paint. When you're done, simply remove the paper and discard it!

2. Inexpensive Wrapping Paper

Wrap birthday gifts with old newspaper! You can even cut thin strips to make a bow too!

3. Quick 'n Easy Clean Up

Lay folded newspaper on your counter or table before you cut up messy fruits or vegetables.

Once done, just fold up and throw away!

4. Picnic Table Cloth

Tape down sheets of newspaper on your picnic table so it can collect spills, drips, et cetera. Rip it up and throw it away when you're done!

5. Floor Covers

Place several folded sheets of old newspaper on the floors of your vehicle. It will absorb water and help keep mud and dirt off the carpet!

6. Ripen Tomatoes

Wrap green tomatoes in sheets of newspaper. Then, layer them in a box and close the lid. Check on them every couple days, and they will eventually ripen up to a rosy red color!

7. Fruit and Vegetable Drawer Liner

Place sheets of newspaper in the fruit and vegetable drawer in your refrigerator. Not only will the paper catch messes from rotted produce, but it will also keep the drawer free from odors.

8. Sleep Outside Better

Place several sheets of newspaper underneath your sleeping bag when you sleep under the stars. The newspaper will keep your bag dry, free from dirt and grass stains, and provide a warm padding.

9. Fireplace Logs

Roll old newspapers up and tie them tightly with string. Then, use them in your fireplace as makeshift logs. Each one burns for awhile, and doing this will save on wood.

10. Make A Funnel

Roll up a newspaper to make a paper funnel. It's best used for dry goods, but it can hold up to water for awhile.

11. Table Padding

Place several sheets of old newspaper on your kitchen or dining room table. Then, place a tablecloth over them. The newspaper will take the place of an expensive padding. It will protect your table top from spills and other damage.

12. Shoe and Boot Mat

Place a folded up newspaper beside the door and place wet and muddy boots on it. It will keep the mud contained.

13. Garden Mulch

Use newspapers as mulch in your fruit, vegetable, or flower garden. Simply cut a hole in the middle of each sheet and slide it over the plant. It will keep weeds down and hold water too!

14. Makeshift Umbrella

Get caught in a rain storm? Use a newspaper to cover your head and shoulders until you reach shelter.

15. Packing

Shred and use newspaper as inexpensive packing when you send fragile items through the mail.

16. Stinky Tennis Shoes?

Crumple up balls of old newspaper and stuff them in your shoes to remove the odors. Let sit overnight, then remove and discard.

17. Window Cleaner

Use vinegar and water and old newspapers to clean windows and mirrors. The combination will make your glass shine and leave it lint free too!

18. Shelf Lining

Use old newspapers to line your cabinet, dresser, pantry, or bathroom shelves. They're cheap to use and easy to put in and remove!

19. Litter Box Liners

Place newspapers in the bottom of your cat's box. You'll use less litter, and they'll absorb odors and wetness too!

20. Cooler Deodorizer

Place several crumpled up balls of newspaper in coolers you're storing for the winter. They'll help to keep the inside of the coolers smelling fresh!

21. Grill Cleaner

Soak newspapers in clean water. Then, lay the sheets across a warm barbecue grill. Close the lid and let them soak for an hour or so. Then, remove the papers and wipe the grills clean!

22. Fire Starters

Use strips of old newspaper to start a bon fire, charcoal grill, camp fire, et cetera.

23. Paper Dolls

Fold several sheets of newspapers just to a thickness you can cut through with a pair of scissors. Then, cut out dolls and unfold the sheets. You'll have connected paper dolls!

24. Hat Shapers

Before you store a hat away in a closet, fill it with newspaper. The newspaper will help it to retain its shape so it doesn't get flat.

25. Cheap Rags

Use old newspaper as rags in your garage to wipe your greasy hands on, to wipe off paint brushes, to wipe up oil spills, and to clean up gasoline spills!

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