25 Extraordinary Uses For Table Salt

Do you just use table salt for seasoning foods? Find out 25 more uses by reading this enlightening article today!

Every year, the United States produces over forty million tons of salt. Some of the salt that is produced is typically processed, packaged, and sold as a seasoning for food. It is also used as a preservative for many processed foods, including meats and vegetables.

You probably use salt for seasoning or preserving foods, but have you ever thought about reaching for the salt shaker when you have a health need, or when you need a craft idea for your kids on a rainy day?

The following is a list of 25 Extraordinary Uses for Table Salt that you probably never thought of!

1. You can use salt to kill weeds, especially weeds that are located in rock gardens and driveways.

Simply sprinkle the salt on the ground near the roots of the weeds.

2. Make pecans and walnuts easier to shell by soaking them in salt water overnight first.

3. Place artificial flowers in a bag, add a half cup of table salt, and then shake them vigorously. Remove the flowers and shake them off, and they will be clean!

4. Help fresh cut flowers last longer by placing a pinch of salt in their water!

5. Soak potatoes in salt water for several hours before you use them. This will help to "leech out" some of their starch content. Also, salt water will keep potatoes and apples white.

6. Use salt and a damp rag to remove rust from auto bumpers, bike handles and metals; rinse thoroughly.

7. Dip your toothbrush in table salt and use it to clean and whiten your teeth. Salt also helps promote healthy gums.

8. Place a pinch of salt in your ground coffee before you turn your coffeemaker on to help reduce the acidic taste.

9. Throw a quarter of a cup of table salt in your fireplace when you're using it to help loosen any soot that has built up in your chimney.

10. Spoon two teaspoons of salt into a cup of water and stir. Gently place an egg in the water. If it sinks, the egg is fresh. If it floats, the egg is old.

11. Make dough for your kids by mixing a cup of flour, a half cup of salt, two teaspoons of cream of tartar, and a cup of water in a pan. Cook the mixture over medium heat while stirring constantly until it becomes thick. Allow it to cool and store it in an airtight container.

12. Water will boil quicker if you add a little salt to the water.

13. Soak brooms and toothbrushes in salt water before using them, and they will last longer.

14. Cut an orange in half and sprinkle both halves with table salt. They will freshen the air in your house!

15. Pour salt on a freshly stained cotton fabric. Soak the fabric in cold water for thirty minutes, and then wash it separately.

16. Table salt will also remove stains from coffee cups, china, and piano keys too.

17. Mix up two tablespoons salt and cornstarch and add enough water to make a thick paste. Use this paste to fix small holes in plaster.

18. Pour a half cup of salt into your washing machine along with curtains and rugs to help make them look brighter!

19. To put out a kitchen fire, throw salt on it! You can also use salt to put out a barbecue fire as well.

20. Rub a damp rag and salt over windows to keep them from becoming frosty in the wintertime.

21. Make a salt painting by peeling off the back of a sheet of contact paper. Sprinkle salt all over the back, and then press it down. Allow it to set a few days, and then shake it. Use water paints and a brush to gently paint a picture on the salty surface.

22. Clean burned pans easily by boiling water and salt in them. Use salt to clean brass bottomed pans too.

23. Dry clean your dog by sprinkling salt on their fur. Brush the salt out along with dirt and fleas.

24. Use table salt as an exfoliator for your skin! Simply add salt to some baby oil, then use; rinse well.

25. Keep any type of cheese free from mold in your refrigerator. Just wrap the cheese in cheesecloth that has been wetted with salt water.

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