25 Uses For Brown Paper Bags

Read this informative article to find out many uses for this type of bag!

1. Place a couple handfuls of popcorn in a brown paper bag, roll the top down, and place it in a low wattage microwave. Make sure the bag doesn't touch the sides of the microwave. Turn it on for a few minutes, and enjoy a tasty treat!

2. Place some green tomatoes in a paper bag and roll the top down. Place the bag in a cool, dry area, and check on it every couple days. The tomatoes will ripen up beautifully!

3. Cut some brown paper bags down the sides and open them up. Then, lay books on the middles and pull up the sides. Fold the paper around the books, trim with scissors, and tape the edges together. Instant book covers!

4. Use paper bags and strapping tape to wrap up items you're going to send via USPS or FedEx, et cetera. Especially useful for odd sized items that won't fit in their containers.

5. To remove candle wax from a rug or carpet, scrape up the worst of it. Then, place a paper bag over the wax and run a warm iron over it. The wax will melt and the bag will absorb it!

6. Cut open paper bags with a pair of scissors and use them to make patterns for crafts or woodworking projects.

7. Roll down the top of a paper bag. Then, peel and clean fruits and vegetables over it.

When finished, simply close the top and discard. No mess!

8. Need a large, sturdy envelope? Cut the sides of a paper bag, cut the top off, then fold and glue the sides. Let the glue dry before you use it.

9. Use paper bags to wrap up chicken bones and other meat scraps before you put them in the trash. Keeps odors contained and keeps animals from getting into it.

10. Let the kids cut brown paper bags up to make greeting cards. They can decorate them with markers, stickers, crayons, et cetera.

11. Cut the top part of a paper bag off. Then, use scissors to make hand holds in both sides. Strengthen the hand holds with tape. Let the kids decorate their bags, and they have treat bags to use on Halloween!

12. Cut shapes and designs out of the upper sides of paper bags. Then, place sand in the bottom of the bag and a candle in each. Set the luminaries outside and light the candles. Beautiful display!

13. Have the kids cut down several bags so they end up with flat brown paper. Help them draw masks, then cut them out with scissors. Tie a string on each one, and they have instant Halloween masks!

14. Use a pair of scissors to cut down the sides of a paper bag. Then, cut out several squares of the paper. Fold and bend the paper into small Origami boxes that have matching lids. Use other Origami patterns to make other items too!

15. Let the kids decorate paper bags, then they can use them as gift bags. Decorate for birthdays, Christmas, or for general gift giving.

16. Cut a paper bag into strips. Then, glue the strips onto a balloon filled with air. Allow the glue to dry. Then, cut a hole into the top of the balloon. Decorate as you wish, and, you have a decorative bowl!

17. Use a pair of scissors to cut paper bags into sheets of paper. Then, use the sheets to line shelves with.

18. Have a messy hobby? Cover your work area with brown paper bags before you start. Then, discard when you are done!

19. Use brown paper bags to wrap gifts with. You can decorate them with stickers, paint, and markers to make the wrap attractive. You can even cut strips of the paper to make a bow too!

20. Need a mat for a picture frame? Cut out a piece of a paper bag and trim it to size. Leave it natural or decorate the mat so it complements the frame.

21. Cut open several paper bags and let the kids color on them. They can even draw roads and run their cars on them!

22. Cut up several brown paper bags with a pair of scissors so you end up with squares. Then, fold the squares into party hats. Let the kids decorate them and wear them at the next party!

23. Are you a day sleeper? Use brown paper bags to cover up windows in your bedroom. The thick paper will make the room dark so you can sleep.

24. Take some paper bags out to the garden with you. They make great totes to bring in produce with!

25. Cut a paper bag into long, thin strips. Then, weave the strips together to make a placemat or basket.

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