25 Uses For Shampoo

Have too much shampoo? Shampoo that doesn't work wellon your hair? Then read this article to find out how to use it and save money at the same time!

1. Use shampoo mixed with conditioner instead of shaving cream. Use a ratio of 1:1 and your face, arm pits, and legs will be soft and smooth.

2. Use shampoo, especially the fruity smelling stuff, as a substitute for bubble bath.

3. Remove make up with shampoo and a soft cloth. Rinse your face with tap water afterwards.

4. Pour shampoo into your liquid soap dispensers. It's less expensive than liquid soap. It's also

a great degreaser for your hands.

5. Speaking of degreaser- keep a bottle of shampoo in your laundry room. Use it as a spot cleaner and it will remove stains, as well as ring around the collar.

6. Shampoo is for cleaning hair, so why not use it for cleaning out combs and hair brushes? Soak them first, then scrub them completely clean.

7. To clean paint brushes, place a few drops of plain shampoo on your fingers. Then rub your fingers over the paint bristles; rinse clean.

8. No tear baby shampoo works great as a dog or cat shampoo. Not only will it not hurt their eyes, but it will make their coats shiny and tangle free.

9. Use shampoo in a bucket of water to clean woodwork, floors, doors, et cetera around the house.

10. Spot clean rugs and carpets with a dab of shampoo and a clean rag. Rinse the areas clean with tap water and blot dry.

11. Use shampoo and a conditioner mix to lubricate squeaky hinges in a pinch.

12. Mix up a weak solution of baby shampoo and tap water. Then, use it to clean the dirt out of your eyes. Also, use the solution to wash your eyelashes. It will help relieve dry eye irritation.

13. Rub a couple drops of shampoo on the inside of your diving mask. Then, rinse clean with water.

Your mask won't fog up when you're diving under the water!

14. Mix shampoo with baking soda, and you can clean chrome on vehicles and make it shine!

Rinse thoroughly before buffing it dry!

15. Need to wash nylon hose and delicate panties? Skip the pricey store bought stuff! Put a dab of shampoo in the water instead. Swish it around to mix, then wash as usual.

16. Have you run out of shower gel? Then grab a fruity bottle of shampoo to shower with instead!

17. Fill a small bowl with shampoo and soak your fingernails and cuticles. Not only cleans, but softens.

18. Use a scrubber and a dab of shampoo to clean your bathtub and sink. Rinse thoroughly, and wipe dry. Shampoo isn't recommended to clean your toilet because it has no antibacterial properties.

19. Skip the store bought detergent for washing your sweaters! Instead, use shampoo in its place!

20. Use shampoo and a soft bristled brush to clean family headstones. Rinse the suds clean, and the headstone will be clean and shiny.

21. Give the kids some fun by diluting shampoo with water. Then, let them use the solution in their bubble guns or with their wands.

22. Spot clean the walls of your rooms by using shampoo and a clean, damp rag. Rinse clean and let the areas air dry.

23. Car, truck, or SUV dirty? Put a half cup of shampoo in a bucket of water. Then, add water and make a sudsy solution. Dip a sponge in the bucket and wash the grime off your vehicle!

24. Grab the shampoo and a clean rag to spot clean the outside of your refrigerator and stove. It will remove greasy spots, as well as dirt and other food spills too.

25. Use shampoo in a bucket of water to clean the dirt and grime off of your fiberglass boat. Rinse clean with a garden hose and allow your boat to air dry.

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