4 Steps To Frizz-Free Hair

There is a cure for frizzy hair! Follow these four tips and you will soon have the smooth beautiful hair you always wanted.

Frizzy hair happens, but there is something you can do about it.

1) Wash your hair, but don't over-wash it.Frizzy hair does not need to be washed every day and it certainly should not be washed more than one time per day.As a general rule, people with frizzy hair should not wash their hair more than three times per week.If you do you are basically cleaning the natural oils that help weight down frizzy hair right off of your head.When you do wash your hair use both a conditioning shampoo and an intense, deep conditioner.It might be hard for some people to forego washing their hair everyday, but try to remember that you can still shower as many times a day as you want to keep your body clean, just skip over your hair.If you wash everyday right now, ease off gradually.Your scalp is accustomed to over-produce oil to try to keep up with your hygiene habits so try washing up to four times per week and gradually work your way down to three and maybe even two.

2) Deep condition regularly.Deep conditioning will help restore moisture to your hair and will help fortify damaged hair over a period of time during which you use the product at least one time per week.You can use a hair mask, oil treatment, or deep conditioner for this task.You may want to ask your hair stylist to recommend specific products.

3) Replace your styling gel with a conditioning styling cream.Recently introduced hair products for made for curly hair are creamy and conditioning unlike hair gel which holds the curls in place but does nothing to condition your hair.If you can't give up the gel, at least apply a generous dose of leave-in conditioner to your hair before you apply the gel.

4) Whether your hair is curly or straight, if it is frizzy then you need to stay away from blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons.The more heat you use to style your hair the more you are drying your strands out.If you can't bear the look of your hair when it isn't heat styled, try using only one heated styling tool and set it to a lower temperature that you usually use.For example, don't blow-dry your hair and then use a flat-iron to get it straight.Instead, allow your hair to air dry and then use your flat iron, but use it on a low or medium setting instead of a high one.On the days that you use heating tools, always apply a thermal protectant to your hair, as directed by the product's label, before styling to reduce the damaging effects such tools will have on your hair.Your hair stylist may again be able to recommend a tried-and-true product for you.But of course, the best way to help your hair out is to skip the heat styling altogether.If you don't know any other way to manage your mane, make an appointment ASAP with your stylist to get tips on styling your hair naturally.Every time you skip over that blow dryer you are helping to restore your hair.

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