5 Cheap Ways To Get Better Sound From Your Car Stereo

5 cheap ways to improve your car stereo system by upgrading existing stereo equipment for less than 150 dollars.

If you are reading this article, then your car stereo must need some help. Well, I am here to tell you that there is some hope, if you do not have the funds to take your ride to the local stereo shop and revamp the entire system. You can still do several things to improve the sound quality of your existing system without spending a fortune to get it. Let me explain five cheap improvements you can do that will noticeably improve your mobile listening environment.

The first step you should consider is to improve your existing speakers. Most factory speakers fall short of the sound quality that aftermarket speakers can provide. Immediate improvement to your music can be heard simply by replacing your speakers. All you have to do is shop around for the same dimension speakers as the existing ones in your car. If your car was anything like the ones I had to drive, the factory speakers were nothing more than paper cones. All it took was your little one to poke it with a pencil, and now every artist had been given an instant tracheotomy. It is possible to replace both the front and rear sets of speakers for under $100, and the sound quality improvement would definitely be noticed. Two- or three-way speakers will make a world of difference to your music, especially if your factory speakers were nothing more than simple cone woofers. If you can afford to spend a little more, speaker upgrades are great investments. After all, they are the larynx of your stereo system; better quality speakers can reproduce a much richer sound.

Another relatively inexpensive improvement that can be added to your car stereo is to add a small amplifier. While this addition can get very expensive, if you understand what level of improvement you can get from a particular amplifier, this will also immediately make a noticeable difference. If you have front and rear speakers, a four channel amplifier is best, because you are providing more power to every speaker. If you only need to amplify the front speakers, a two-channel amplifier is the smart choice. The bottom-end price range for two-channel amplifiers is around $80, while four-channel amplifiers start around $120. You may be able to find some slightly cheaper, but as the saying goes: "You get what you pay for." One important note, be sure to match the speaker ohm rating with the amplifier's rating. This will optimize the sound quality, as well as prevent you from overdriving either the speakers or the amplifier. Also, check your speakers for maximum power output capabilities. You can purchase an amplifier with a higher power output than your speakers, but you have to be very careful not to set the power output higher than the speakers are capable of accepting. Otherwise, you may be spending more money than you planned, having to buy more speakers!

Let's say you already have decent speakers, but the main factory CD Receiver deck needs some improvements; it just doesn't express your individuality. Well, there are many new units on the market that look like they set you back a paycheck or two, but, in reality, were less than $150! These decks offer motorized faceplates that fold down to allow you to insert your favorite CD, and then it closes automatically. That is a nice little feature which gets some attention. What about a deck that can play your MP3 music? This is great because you do not need a Multi-disc CD player to enjoy hours of music. You can have several albums on a single disc.

There is even a unit out there that includes a satellite tuner with your purchase; you only need to purchase the monthly subscription to enjoy 150 channels of commercial-free music, which ties into my fourth inexpensive upgrade option: Satellite Radio. The CD Receiver unit to which I am referring combines two of my cheap upgrade recommendations in one. The monthly subscription for satellite radio starts under $13, and this is a great value when you consider how many listening choices you get for less than 50 cents a day! If you only want to purchase a separate satellite tuner, there are portable units you can take with you wherever you go; they do not limit your musical choices to your vehicle alone. With all the choices available today, it is possible to fit just about any budget.

Now that you have several choices to consider for improvements to your car stereo, let me give you a fifth idea to think about, if you do not need to replace any of your hardware. You have heard, no doubt, the vehicles with excessive bass in the trunk. The vehicle vibrates or rattles with each deep musical note, and it is quite annoying, especially for those outside of the automobile. If it were your vehicle, would you want your car to sound like that, especially after investing a sizeable sum of cash to drown out the rest of the world?

It could be beneficial to add sound dampening insulation to the metal body of your car. It is amazing to hear the difference between the insulated- and non-insulated-metal of your car when subjected to musical bass. In addition, you will reduce or eliminate the unwanted noise created by the vibrating metal, which can interfere with your musical environment. In attempting to improve your musical environment, you would not want to create noise that is directly competing with the very stage you are trying to enhance. There are spray-on, as well as, adhesive-applied insulation on the market, both of which work very well. It may seem somewhat expensive, at first (around $20 per two square feet), but if you can eliminate the little rattles your car has been making because of the music, the return on your investment becomes obvious. And it does not require 100% application coverage for the dampening material to be effective; it can be used sparingly.

Whether you upgrade your speakers, upgrade your receiver unit, add an amplifier, add a satellite radio tuner, or simply insulate your vehicle, your musical environment will be positively enhanced. And, because any one of these choices can be accomplished for less than $150, you won't have any heartache investing in your automobile's stereo system. The only heartache you may have is finding the right upgrade for you!

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