5 Fun Best Friends Forever Bracelet Designs

Here are 5 fun and easy best friends forever bracelet designs that you can make yourself or with a friend.

Best friends forever bracelets have been around for a very long time. Who can help but want to show their best friend that they matter by wearing matching bracelets? It's fun! Here are 5 fun and easy best friends forever bracelet designs that you can make yourself.

1. An easy way to get the look of those bracelets with the thin leather band and charm is to start with one of those thin black ponytail holders. The large size fits the average wrist just fine. There are two ways to attach charms to the ponytail holder. You can use the small metal loop the charm came on (or buy some if the charms didn't come with any, they are known as "jump rings" at the craft store) which you will need a pair of jewelry pliers to open the jump ring and then close it onto the ponytail holder. The other option is to buy a clasp and attach the charm to the loop using jewelry pliers and use the clasp part as the attachment to the ponytail holder. This option is easily interchangeable which could be a lot of fun if you'd like to exchange charms with your best friend on a regular basis.

2. Beaded bracelets are popular and easy to make. All you need are beads, elastic thread, and scissors. A few great ideas for making these items into stylish best friends forever bracelet include making two matching bracelets, making one bracelet one friend's favorite color and the other bracelet the other's favorite color then wearing the bracelet of your best friend's favorite color, or to make matching bracelets using beads of both of your favorite colors.

3. A trend in hemp best friends forever bracelets is to make hemp string into a simple braid and then you tie it on to your best friend's wrist and they can't take it off until it breaks on its own. Then they do the same with you. Most any girl knows how to braid so this is an easy design. You can even add beads by going an inch, sliding a bead onto one of the strings, then braiding for another inch, putting on another bead, and continuing this process until you've reached a minimum of 9 inches. It's best to measure each other's wrists before making these bracelets but 7 inches is the average wrist size and you need at least an inch on each end to be able to tie the bracelet on. (Good to know if you'd like to surprise your friend without measuring their wrist.)

4. Embroidery floss bracelets make classic best friends forever bracelets. There are many different knot styles you can do. For a simple one do a basic braid. To make it unique do one strand in your favorite color, another strand in your best friend's favorite color, and the third strand in the color that those two colors would make if mixed together. That means if your favorite color is blue and your best friend's favorite color is red then the third strand would be purple. This represents you both as individuals and then you as best friends.

5. If you really want to draw attention to the fast that you are best friends then make bracelets out of jingle bells and wear them year round. All you need are some bells, elastic thread, and scissors to make them. You can also add some beads for extra style. The only drawback of this design is the jingling can get annoying after awhile so be sure to enjoy the novelty of this musical bracelet while it's still fresh and exciting.

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