5 Fun Projects Using Craft Clock Kits

Making your own clock is fun and easy when you work from a craft clock kit. This guide offers five fun project to get you started.

Looking for a fun way to personalize your home? A hand-made clock could be just the thing you're looking for; and with the help of a craft clock kit, making your own clock couldn't be easier. Read on for five fun projects ideas to get you started:

Plate clock- Give your kitchen a custom look by creating a clock to match your dishes. Just purchase an extra plate in your chosen pattern, and then use a masonry bit to drill a hole through the center of the plate to make room for the clock workings. Finish by inserting the clock hands through the drilled hole, and attaching the battery pack to the back of the plate. Note: You can leave the face of the clock plain, or glue on the numbers that came with your clock kit. Either way you're sure to end up with a great looking clock!

Teacher's clock- Surprise a favorite teacher with a clock that's perfectly themed for use in the classroom. To complete this project, start by selecting a wooden plaque to serve as the face of the clock (some clock kits may come with one.) Then, paint the surface of the wooden face with your choice of acrylic paints. Once dry, drill a hole through the center of the face to make room for the clock workings. Next, glue twelve small school supplies (pencil, eraser, sharpener etc.) around the outside of the clock to serve as the hour markers. Finish assembling the clock in the manner indicated previously. Note: This idea can be adapted to any number of professions. Just choose hour markers that correspond to your chosen profession, and you're sure to end up with a great design.

Tin clock- If you enjoy collecting food tins, create a clock out of one of the lids from your collection. Once you've selected the tin of your choice, just drill a hole through the center of the lid. Then, insert the clock workings, and your clock is complete. Note: A plain, tin lid can be used in place of a food tin, and makes the perfect backdrop for a collection of found objects. Glue on a collection of buttons, matchbox cards or other items; and you've got the makings of a fun conversation piece.

Souvenir clock- Turn your vacation mementos into a stylish wall clock with the help of a pair of scissors and some decoupage medium. Start by selecting brochures, ticket stubs, photos and other items that remind you of your vacation. Then, cut the objects down to size, and arrange them into a collage on the surface of the clock face. Once you have a design you like, coat the back of each item with decoupage medium, attach it to the clock face. Finish by applying several coats of decoupage medium to the resulting collage. Note: This same idea can be used to memorialize any special place or event (a chronicle of a relationship, your school spirit, a major accomplishment etc.)

Stamp clock- Create a clock for a stamp-collecting enthusiast by using stamps in place of traditional hour markers. Just select a wooden plaque to serve as the clock face, and then paint it in your choice of colors. Once dry, use one coat of decoupage medium to attach the stamps to the face of the clock. Then, paint over the entire surface of the clock with one or more coats of decoupage medium, and allow it to dry. Finish by drilling a hole in the center of the face, and assembling the rest of the clock according to the instructions found in the clock kit. Note: This idea isn't just for stamp collectors. Since the U.S. Postal Service puts out stamps with a wide variety of themes, you can select a theme that's suited to the recipient (flowers, Elvis, American History etc), and use stamps that go along with that theme.

Spend a little time creating a custom clock for your home"" you're sure to be impressed with the results.

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