5 Healthy Habits For Better Looking Skin

Improving the look of your skin starts here with these 5 basic yet vital tips for whipping your skin into shape.

Did you know that a human's skin is actually the body's largest organ?You would never do things to intentionally hurt your heart or lungs would you?Then don't be careless with your skin either.Your skin has a very important function.It acts as a barrier to prevent germs and bacteria from having free access to your internal organs.The skin also protects the rest of your body from sun damage and other environmental hazards.For these reasons alone it is important to keep skin in healthy condition.But there is another motivating factor that most people care about, appearance.Use these tips to start up daily habits that will keep your skin in optimal operating and aesthetically-pleasing condition.

1) Exercise. You have heard about the benefits of exercise a million times before.Just like regular exercise helps maintain the healthy functioning of your body's other organs, it will help your skin look its best.Exercise helps give your circulation a boost.Improved circulation means that nutrients and oxygen are able to flow more freely to the skin.This will give your skin that radiant glow.

2) Eat right.Here is yet another tip that you've already heard.While eating junk food might not make your skin worse, eating healthy food will make your skin better.Keep in mind that your skin is an organ and organs need the proper nutrients to stay healthy.Your skin needs a lot of omega-3 fatty acids which can be found in fish, nuts, berries and citrus fruits, and red vegetables.The omega-3 fatty acids are necessary to help the skin lock in moisture because they help build the lipid layer of skin.

3) Get enough sleep.If you miss out on the recommended amount of sleep on a regular basis your body will begin to stress over sleep deprivation.As part of your fatigued body, the skin will develop problems or see worsened pre-existing ones.

4) Drink water. When you allow your body to become dehydrated, the skin will show it.Your complexion will be lackluster, and dry.Eventually the dryness will lead to more and more obvious wrinkles.Start drinking plenty of water now to keep skin from drying out.If you really can't force yourself to swallow eight to ten glasses of water everyday, try eating plenty of foods that contain water, such as melons and lettuce.Your body needs a total of 11 cups of hydrating liquids each day.Without it, your skin simply cannot look good.

5) Develop a routine skin care regimen. First of all, it is important to remove makeup with a gentle makeup remover every night.Clean your face and neck with gentler cleansers and use the product as directed to avoid aggravating the skin.Because acne starts as a buildup of dead skin cells, it is important to gently exfoliate skin several times per week.Use sunscreen formulated for use on the face everyday to protect it from sun damage.Last, use a moisturizer when your skin starts to look or feel dry.

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