5 Makeup Tips For A Brunette

Choosing the right makeup for your brunette hair will bring out your best features and will draw attention to your beautiful hair color.

The purpose of makeup is to accentuate your features without revealing the effort that went into making your face look flawless.By following makeup tips that work best with your hair color, you will be sure to emphasize your natural beauty.The right makeup will disguise flaws and draw attention to your best features.In order to accomplish these goals, it is important to wear makeup that is appropriate for your hair coloring.Makeup designed for blondes or redheads can make brunettes look washed out, while the correct tones will complement your hair's rich color.The following tips will help ensure that you always look your best.

1.Throw out the pink lipstick.

Rich colors such as terracotta, cinnamon, and spicy red look better on those with dark hair as opposed to light colors.Pale, frosty pink lipstick colors can be especially unflattering and tend to make brunettes look washed out.Slightly darker colors bring out the features and draw emphasis to the lips.If you are feeling adventurous, a darker pink can be used on the lips, but try adding emphasis to the eyes in order to avoid looking dull and lifeless.

2.Go bronze.

Just as pink lip color can make brunettes look dreary, so can pale cheek colors.A good option for brunettes is to use a little gel or powder bronzer on the cheek area.Bronzer tends to look more natural and adds a subtle highlight to the cheekbones, lending a beautiful contour to your face.Be careful not to apply too much in order to avoid creating an unflattering sheen.

If you're feeling daring, try the dark cheeks sported by many young celebs today.After applying a bronzer to your cheeks and the area just under the fullest part of your cheekbones, apply a small amount of coral or peach blush to the fullest part of your cheek.Next, take a small amount of pale shimmer and apply it to the highest part of the cheekbone and blend upwards towards the temples.If you want to try this look, remember to keep your lips natural and your eyes subdued in order to prevent overpowering your face with makeup.

3.Emphasize the eyes.

Another excellent makeup option for brunettes is to create dramatic eyes while leaving the rest of the face fairly natural.Brunettes with blue eyes should remember to use warm, rich eye shadows if you want a more natural look.Brunettes with brown eyes can try a more daring look by choosing colors that are blue or even a pale lilac.These light colors will make brown eyes stand out and appear even richer.If your skin tone is light, stick with dark brown mascara in order to avoid a harsh severe look.Those with dark skin tones and dark eyes should use black or dark blue mascara in order to keep eyelashes prominent.

4.Choose the right foundation.

For women of all hair colors, selecting the right color foundation is vital to looking good.The wrong color foundation can make skin look washed out or unhealthy.To choose the best foundation, ask for a consultation at the makeup counter of your local department store.Makeup artists should be skilled at selecting a good foundation to match your skin tone and can provide feedback on which brands and colors work best on you.Test the makeup on your face and check the match in natural light to be sure that it blends properly.The right makeup should even out skin tone and highlight the positive qualities of your completion.Wearing foundation should never feel like wearing a mask.If it feels too thick, try switching to a more suitable brand.

5.Don't be afraid to experiment.

Makeup tips can offer general guidelines, but you are the best judge of what looks good on you.Trying new things is the best way to see what works best and what does not.There are some important things to remember when experimenting with makeup.Don't try out a new look on the night of a big event, since you can't be sure that your makeover will work.Leave experiments for days when you have time to play around with your appearance.Also, if you experience any irritation after trying a different type of makeup, stop using it immediately and thoroughly cleanse the area.Consult a dermatologist if the irritation does not diminish after a couple of days.

Remember, makeup should accentuate the positive.The finest look is one that brings out your best features and makes you feel beautiful.If you have brunette hair, you can look natural yet polished by using warm, rich makeup colors that emphasize your features and draw attention to the beautiful color of your hair.

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