5 Simple Homemade Lighted Holiday Decorations

Looking for some holiday decorating ideas? Discover some great ideasthat are easy to make by reading this instructive article!

Decorating a home for any holiday can be an exciting event for children and adults alike. There are oodles of holiday decorations that you can buy at the mall. Some of the most popular times of the year to decorate for are Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day.

If you're a do it your selfer who has a flair for creativity, you can bypass the manufactured items at the mall. Instead, with a few materials, and some simple tools, you can easily make your own homemade lighted holiday decorations.

1. The first project you can make is called a Holiday Wreath. You can purchase a large wreath either made out of grape vines, pine boughs, or another fairly weather resistant material. Also,

purchase several strands of either white or colored bulbs. The bulbs should be large enough so they can be seen from a distance. White or any color will be suitable for Christmas. You can purchase pastel bulbs for Easter, et cetera.

Then, wrap the bulbs around the wreath until it is completely covered. Finally, hang the wreath on your house and plug in the colored bulbs.

Note: If there's no bow on the wreath already, you can purchase one separately and attach it with a small piece of stiff wire.

2. You can also make a Star of Bethlehem for a Christmas decoration. Simply take a piece of plywood or pressed wood. Draw a large outline of a star on the wood with a black magic marker. Cut the outline out with an electric saw. Then, use a hammer to pound some small nails around the entire outline of the star. Finally, hang strands of bulbs on the nails. Hang the star on your house, or attach it to a tall television antenna, or prop it up on the roof. Plug the lights in and check out the beautiful sight!

3. How about a Lighted Sweetheart Mailbox for Valentine's Day? To make this homemade decoration, you'll need an old mailbox. Paint it white, then either freehand or stencil several pink and red hearts all over it. Then, use a black magic marker to write sayings such as "Be Mine", inside the hearts. Finally, attach a strand of clear and/or white, and red bulbs around its sides and top. Either set the mailbox outside, or hang it up on a makeshift post near your house for your visitors (and your mail carrier) to see and enjoy!

4. For Halloween fun, you can outline, then cut several small ghosts out of sheets of plywood or pressed wood. Use a hammer to put small nails around the perimeters of the ghosts. Attach clear light bulbs to the nails on each ghost. Then, cover them all in old white sheets, (you'll probably need to trim them down to size). To finish each ghost, use a black magic marker to draw eyes on them. Finally, attach them either to your house or to wooden posts so they can be stuck in your yard. Then, plug in the clear lights and watch the fun begin!

5. To help celebrate any holiday you choose, you can make a Metal Holiday Silhouette. For this decoration, you'll need a roll of stiff, thick wire. Let's say, for example, that you want to make a lighted four leaf clover for Saint Patrick's Day. Bend the wire into the shape of a large clover. Then, wrap strands of green colored lights around the wire frame. Finally, attach it to your house and light it up!

And finally, here's a bonus holiday decoration idea:

You can easily make a lighted decoration by wrapping a long strand of colored lights around a long strand of garland. (You can purchase garland in most any color, so the garland color should match the holiday.) Then, attach decorations, such as hearts, paper cupids, Easter bunnies, orange jack o' lanterns, or whatever you wish, onto the garland with small pieces of stiff wire.

Finally, wrap the garland around your the posts on your porch, or drape it around the front door frame!

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