5 Tips For Holding A Wedding Ceremony In A Traditional Church Building

Enjoy the dream of a traditional church wedding ceremony and avoid problems of them by following these five tips for a trouble-free ceremony.

A traditional church wedding is the dream of many wedding couples, but it can cause headaches for some.Churches are used for many functions and sometimes have special rules for wedding ceremonies.Do not get tripped up by these formalities by following these five tips to have a smooth ceremony that is held in a traditional church.

1. Speak with the church's pastor early. - Churches and pastors are scheduled months in advance for weddings and other events.If you have a particular date in mind for the wedding, speak with the pastor as soon as possible to reserve the church.Most churches also require you to use their pastor for the ceremony, so you will have to work around their schedules as well.

2. Work with the church's wedding coordinator. - Even small churches have wedding coordinators, which can be helpful in planning your wedding.While some church wedding coordinators work on a volunteer basis, many charge a fee.However, they are an excellent source of information on what can and cannot be used in the church.They can also help you find musicians and someone to handle the church's sound equipment.

Meet the wedding coordinator early on when you begin planning your wedding ceremony.They will be able to help arrange times for the wedding rehearsal and decorating the church.Wedding coordinators might also know of possible decorations that the church has available, such as candelabras or an aisle runner.Wedding coordinators can also help you plan around any obstacles the church may have, such as lack of seating.

3. Accent the church's decor. - When you begin the process of choosing wedding decorations, plan around what already exist in the church.If the church has large greenery, use them with your floral arrangements.Also, be sure your wedding colors do not clash with the church's carpet or wall color.Ask the wedding coordinator or pastor if the church is planning to change the color of the carpet or walls before your wedding.

Take advantage of the architecture of the church when planning your decorations.If the front of the church has beautiful stain glass windows or other focal point, skip the canopy or other decorations that would only add clutter.Keep your decorations simple with a couple of floral arrangements or candelabras.

4. Have a hiding room. - Instead of getting ready for the wedding ceremony in one of the church's bathrooms, turn a couple of the Sunday school rooms into a hiding place for the bride and groom where guests will not be able to easily find them before the ceremony.Attendants can also get ready in the room.Be sure to bring something drink and snack on.Also, include a small sewing kit for any last minute emergencies.

5. Plan on a clean up team. - While the wedding couple are leaving for a honeymoon, the church will need to be cleaned up for Sunday's services.Discuss with the church's wedding coordinator who will be responsible for cleaning the church.Many churches require a janitor to be paid to ensure the church is ready for services.Also, arrange with florists and rental businesses that their equipment will be picked up before the church's next service.You will also need to arrange with the church's staff times when the church will be open.

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