5 Tips To Keep Plus Size Clothing Comfortable

This article lists five tips for comfortable plus size Clothing.

Plus size people often have problems making sure their clothing is comfortable. They may have problems finding attractive clothing in styles that don't bind or pinch. It can be a challenge to get clothes that feel good, but here are some tips to help a shopper get what's comfy.

1. Buy what is generously cut. There is a difference between larger sizes and sizes for larger people. A large size is just larger proportionately. A size for a larger person has differences that accommodate a plus size person's special needs. Look for larger armholes in dress shirts, trouser legs that are wider in the thighs, more ease through the shoulders. This is especially important. A plus size person should try on long-sleeved garments to determine if the sleeves will pull up or bind too much when he or she stretches the arms out in front. Pants and shorts should be more ample through the hips, as should dresses.

2. Buy natural materials. There are some good synthetics on the market, but natural materials, especially cotton, are usually more comfortable. Poly-cotton knits are great for no shrinkage, but look for softer fabrics that will not scratch or stretch unattractively across a bulge. A touch of Lycra or spandex may be useful for some garments, but make sure it is a low percentage of the fabric content.

3. Look for elastic waistbands (but avoid elasticized sleeves). Elastic waistbands are usually found on knit pants, and even on dress pants, but the shopper will need to look carefully. These will help keep pants and shorts from binding at the waist, and will feel more comfortable when worn for long periods of time. Elastic sleeves are a no-no. They almost always bind to the arm and eventually, feel like a tourniquet. Stay away from them.

4. Launder garments carefully. Adhere to the manufacturer's suggestions for care. This will not only extend the life of the garment, but will reduce shrinkage and will help keep the garment looking good, too. A soft cotton knit should stay soft, and not lose its suppleness through poor laundry habits.

5. Buy good quality garments. Comfortable clothing means it feels good when worn, and the wearer feels good in it. A person who buys unattractive clothing simply because it is cheap and plus size will feel conspicuous and unattractive wearing it. Look for flattering lines and nice fabrics. These are available at a good price, if the shopper is willing to look around. Look for end-of-season sales that will offer good products at a much-reduced price. Buy clothing that flatters the good points, and camouflages flaws.

Designers are beginning to realize that plus size shoppers want to wear great clothes, too, and have finally come around to the idea that it is a specialized market. Plus size clothing isn't necessarily like "average" sized clothing. A shopper should look for what's comfortable, what feels good, what looks good and should take care of the clothing purchased. This will help any plus size person feel more comfortable with everything he or she buys.

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