5 Wardrobe Essentials For An Hourglass Figure

A woman with an hourglass figure usually tries to hide her curves for many reasons. However, a woman with an hourglass figure can dress well and sexy with only a few small items.

A woman with an hourglass figure usually tries to hide her curves for many reasons.

She may be overweight, she may not like certain body parts such as her legs, arms, or breasts.However, a woman with an hourglass figure can dress well and sexy with only a few small items.

The first item for an hourglass figure may seem strange as it's worn under the clothing. This important item is a good fitting bra. Many women don't wear bras that fit correctly.

They may be a cup size too small so that the breasts fall out of the cups. When that happens it actually makes a large woman seem even larger.

It also makes the woman seem like she has four breasts instead of two. Find a department store that offers bra measuring. Purchase a well-fit bra within one's price range and one can see an improvement immediately.

A woman with an hourglass figure and a large bosom sometimes tries to hide the fact that she does, in fact, have a large bosom. However, when one wears the proper bra, as noted above, and the proper type of blouse or top, one can actually seem slimmer and less large.

The next important item for women with an hourglass figure is a top with a scoop or v-shaped neckline. This neckline doesn't have to be low-cut. These types of necklines make the face and chest seem smaller and slimmer.

When a large bosomed woman wears a turtle neck top or a round neck top it gives the illusion of pushing the breasts together and making her face seem puffy. Use this guideline with sweaters, coats, and dresses as well.

An hourglass figure typically includes a large bottom, large thighs and, sometimes, large calves. The right clothing can hide these problems and make an hourglass shape seem slimmer and curvier.

The third important wardrobe item is a pair of wide legged, low-waisted slacks, preferably ones that fasten on the side.

The low waist on the slacks seems to cut the bottom area in half and make it seem smaller. The wide legs hide troublesome calves. The side fasten helps the slacks fit smoothly, without bunched up pleats or a zipper front.

When the slacks fit smoothly it causes the illusion of a slimmer, smoother lower body.

The next important wardrobe item is an A-line skirt to the knee or longer. Again, this is to hide large legs and calves. The skirt should be low waisted as well. The skirt should not be too tight but also it should not be too large. Wearing larger size clothing that needed can make an already large woman seem larger. The A-line of the skirt gives the illusion of a smaller calf and ankle.

The last important item is a good pair of boots. A woman can wear boots with slacks, jeans, or a skirt and they always seem fashionable.

Well-fit boots also hide large ankles and calves and for a shorter woman can add height, making her seem slimmer. The best type of boot is a pull on boot that fits tight around the ankle and goes up the leg to just under the knee.

These are the five most important wardrobe items for an hourglass figure. By wearing a good fitting bra and clothing that fits properly for one's body type the clothing can showcase one's curves and hide the problem areas.

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