5 Wardrobe Essentials For A Petite Figure

For a petite figure, there are several wardrobe essentials that are a must. The following list provides a few basics that can help to flatter a petite figure.

For any body type, it is important to be aware of your figure and dress appropriately. What might look fabulous on one figure may be a true disaster on another type of figure. For a petite figure, there are several wardrobe essentials that are a must. The following list provides a few basics that can help to flatter a petite figure.

1. Mini Skirt - For the petite woman, the goal is to make her look taller. She should avoid long boxy skirts that cover her legs. Instead, she should wear a shorter skirt. A micro mini skirt may be overkill, so a nice length would be just above the knees or just below the knees. By showing her legs, this can assist in making the petite woman look as tall as possible.

2. Straight Leg Pants - As described above, camouflaging the legs can cause the petite woman to appear shorter. By wearing straight leg pants, the shape of her legs can be seen, thus elongating her figure. Overly baggy pants should be avoided. These only appear to add weight and cause the petite woman to look shorter and wider.

3. Fitted Tank Dress - Another wardrobe essential for the petite woman is a fitted tank dress. Black tends to be the most versatile and flattering color choice for most people. A basic fitted sleeveless dress that comes down to the knees is the perfect choice for the petite woman. This dress can be used for many occasions and can be dressed up or dressed down with various other items of clothing and/or accessories. For example, the dress can be worn with a jacket and sensible dress shoes for work or for a meeting. For the evening, the same dress can be dressed up with a fancy scarf, jewelry, evening bag and "strappy" heels. Having a basic dress of this sort allows for many different looks and can save you from having to spend extra money on additional clothing.

4. Reasonably High-Heeled Shoes - Obviously, high-heeled shoes can help to add height to the petite woman. However, she should avoid overly high heels. A nice medium heel will add some height, but will not make it look like the petite woman is intentionally trying to look taller. Totally flat shoes are generally not flattering on a petite woman. She should make sure she is comfortable in whatever heels she chooses. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, no matter how great they look, is not worth the pain.

5. Tailored Blouse or Top - The petite woman's wardrobe should contain a nice tailored blouse or top. It is essential that her clothes fit properly. If her clothes are too big or too small, she won't be looking her best. Most towns have local seamstress or tailor shops that can alter clothing to fit just right. A tailored blouse or top can help to give the petite woman a polished professional look. A nice selection is a fitted white button-down shirt. This shirt can be matched with pants, with a skirt, with jeans or even tied at the waist over a dress.

The above ideas should help the petite woman to get started in her quest to look her very best. There are a number of other good choices for this body type, but these are the basics on which one can build her wardrobe. As mentioned above, it is important that all clothes fit properly. Once you see how great you look and feel in clothes that actually fit properly, you will never be able to go back to improperly fitted clothes again. Use your own personal style to build on the basics and be prepared for the compliments to roll in!

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