5 Ways To Become More Interesting

Want to perk up your social life? Here are some tips for becoming more interesting by getting acquainted with new people, places, and activities.

Is your life boring? If you think so, chances are it's true.

To become a more interesting person, try exploring new people, places, and activities. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Get to know new or different people. Become a conversation partner with foreign language students at the high school or college level. If no conversation program exists, offer to start one. You will be providing a valuable service to the students and your community as well as becoming more knowledgeable about a foreign culture and way of life. Think of the interesting conversations about these things you can have with others!

2. Volunteer in a social service program. Help feed the hungry or hand out clothes to the homeless for a few hours each week. Participate in an after-school reading program for underprivileged kids. Help teach teenage moms how to care for infants, or take calls on a social program hotline. (These programs will provide any needed training.) You will feel privileged to have all that you do while sharing with others who lack essentials. And hearing about others' life stories will help to enrich your own life.

3. Join a book club. There are many to choose from, based on genre, authors, or a generic assortment. Browse online options and sign up to receive one book a month. The more you read, the more interesting you will become. Then consider writing online reviews for the books you've read; many Web sites welcome readers' comments. You also may wish to join your library's reading circle or a community book club that meets to discuss a common book, with titles announced each month.

4. Share your talents and develop new ones. If you enjoy writing, post your work at an online site for review, and consider the helpful feedback as a way of revising to become a better (and more interesting) writer. Try writing in various genres, such as mystery, adventure, romance, and fantasy. If you're used to creating short stories, aim to complete a novel. Or you may even want to try writing a stage play. As you meet other authors and read their work, your world will open up to admit new ways of seeing things.

5. Try a new pastime. Learn how to build a kite. Enroll in a computer class. Practice the art of writing poetry, whether it be free verse or a sonnet. Offer to head a committee or lead a company project. Push yourself to do something different, something you've never done before but believe you have the skills to accomplish, or at least are willing to learn them. People will admire your eagerness to learn and your confidence in trying something new.

Think about all the interesting people you've met. What makes them interesting? Often it is an unusual point of view, a unique experience, or a willingness to help others. As you experiment with strategies like these, you will automatically becoming a more interesting person to others who have not yet taken these steps, and to those who have.

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