55 Creative And Cheap Dating Ideas For Teens

Want a dating idea that is different than the same old thing? Here are 55 ideas that are creative, cheap and a lot of fun.

Whether it is a first date with the girl or boy that you finally got the nerve to ask out, or the usual Friday night date with the person you've been dating for a while, it can be hard to think up something new and fun to do that isn't going to coat a fortune. Why do the same old thing everyone else does? Skip going to the movies or to a party and try one of these 101 cheap and fun dating ideas for teens. Not only will it allow the two of you relax and have some fun, it just might be the most memorable date they've ever had. While you're at it, invite some friends. Things are always more fun with a group!

1. Golf in the snow with colored golf balls.

2. Go fly kites in a park, empty lot or on the edge of town.

3. Go shopping and see who can find the strangest, tackiest, yet cheapest item for each other.

4. Using finger paints, paint the icicle hanging from your house or from the rocks in a canyon.

5. Borrow your Dad's old Polaroid, buy some film and then take pictures of people and give them their picture for free.

6. Have a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood for cookie ingredients, then go home and make them, taking some of the cookies to everyone who gave you an ingredient.

7. On a rainy day, go out and jump in the puddles, kick water around and then go inside to sit by a fireplace or the heater wrapped in a blanket and drink hot chocolate.

8. Put together a puzzle with 1000 or more pieces.

9. Have a dinner where all the food and decorations are the same color.

10. Rake up autumn leaves and jump in the piles together before bagging them.

11. Take a class together of any kind.

12. Buy disposable cameras and pretend you are professional photographers. Have the pictures developed at the one-hour photo place.

13. Carve pumpkins and take them to a nursing home or children's hospital.

14. Paint your garbage cans with spray paint to beautify them.

15. Help with a fund-raiser.

16. Baby-sit together.

17. Visit the Santa Claus at the mall. Take turns sitting on his lap and telling him what you want for Christmas and then get your picture taken with him.

18. Go ice blocking. Purchase two large ice blocks, cover them with a towel and slide down a grassy slope at a park.

19. Go ice-skating.

20. Play badminton at night in your back yard.

21. Go snorkeling in the public pool.

22. Dodge sprinklers on the public golf course or public park and see who can stay the driest.

23. Volunteer your services to a local archeological dig for a weekend.

24. Have a treasure hunt in a canyon, boys against girls. Have a picnic lunch as the prize.

25. Eat a sunrise breakfast picnic in a park or canyon where you can watch the sun rise.

26. Play balloon basketball.

27. Invite several couples to have a potluck dinner and bring their favorite food for everyone to try.

28. Lie on your backs in the grass and try to identify the shapes in the clouds.

29. Build a huge sand castle at the beach.

30. Buy a loaf of bread and feed the ducks at a local park.

31. Go for a drive with no destination in mind and stop anywhere that looks interesting.

32. Have an Easter egg hunt.

33. Go to a poetry reading at the library or local college.

34. Go to an art show.

35. Buy some carnations and give them out to people on the street.

36. Spend a Saturday morning at garage sales.

37. Go to a flea market or swap meet and buy each other something for $1.

38. Go to a store and play "The Price Is Right." Take turns guessing what different items cost and keep track of who guesses closest without going over the actual price. The loser has to buy the winner a Coke.

39. Go to the zoo.

40. Visit a fire station.

41. Visit a bird refuge or aviary.

42. Go to the circus.

43. Go to a car show.

44. Buy model cars or airplanes and assemble them.

45. Play board games with your date's family.

46. Plant a tree somewhere that needs one.

47. Have a formal candlelight dinner at your house using your friends and family as waiters, chauffeurs, entertainment, etc.

48. Pitch a tent in your backyard, have Chinese takeout and tell ghost stories by flashlight.

49. Have dinner "on a yacht" (in a friend's boat that is parked for storage.)

50. Have a progressive dinner with several other couples. Eat one course at each house and then go to the next one.

51. Go pick fruit or berries at a farm.

52. Pick up garbage on the beach while taking a long walk.

53. Give blood and then go out for ice cream.

54. Go on a double date with your parents.

55. Take a roll of pennies to a fountain and make wishes out loud as you throw them in.

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