6 Beauty Secrets For Better Makeup Application

If you have ever been dissatisfied with the way your makeup looked, read these six beauty secrets that all the experts use.

Sometimes, applying makeup just doesn't have the effect you thought it would.Your blemish still looks red underneath that concealer, your face doesn't look as fresh and dewy as you thought it would, and your cheeks just don't have enough color to them.If you have ever felt like this after applying makeup, you need these six beauty secrets.Use them and you'll get a better result every time you apply makeup.

Blemish control:

1)Visine gets the red out, right."But wait a minute," you might be thinking.Visine gets the red out of eyes, not pimples.Actually Visine can reduce redness in a blemish.Soak a q-tip in Visine and hold it gently on top of the blemish and let the Visine do its job.It will constrict blood vessels thereby reducing redness.For even more effectiveness, refrigerate the q-tip after you dip it in the Visine for about 30 minutes.The cool temperature will reduce swelling.After redness and swelling have reduced, apply the right shade of concealer and your blemish will be out of sight and off your mind.

Complexion help:

2) Sometimes blush just is not enough to give you the color you were looking for.Sure your cheeks look pink, but the rest of your face is just dull.To look more radiant, give your face a gentle massage to get the blood flowing.Stimulating circulation will help you appear more radiant temporarily.Massage before applying makeup so you can determine how much blush you actually do need, to avoid giving yourself too much color.

3) If you have chronically dry skin, or even if you are just experiencing that usual winter-related dry skin, you need to hydrate your skin before applying foundation.Otherwise, your morning application of foundation will settle in the cracks of your alligator skin and look horrible by noon.Moisturize before you put on foundation, first by giving your face a spritz of water and then by slathering on a coat of moisturizer over the water to hold in the moisture.Now you are ready to apply foundation

4) Coordinate your moisturizer and your foundation.You know now how to moisturize the right way but did you know that your oil-based foundation won't go on smoothly over a water based moisturizer?That's right, oil and water do not mix by themselves, or in your makeup products.Make sure your oil-free moisturizer is followed by an oil-free foundation and likewise for your oil-based products.

5) To get that dewy looking skin all over your face, you only need to add one new product to your makeup bag: a sheer, shimmery eye shadow.Eye shadow is not necessarily just for eyes.Buy a pearly shadow and dust it over your cheeks, eyes, chin, nose and forehead as you would with a blush.Blend it in carefully and you have instant dewy, radiant skin.

Better than mascara:

If you are frustrated by clumpy, flaky mascara but need to add a little drama to your eyes, try fake lashes, but don't try the fakest showgirl lashes.Instead use false lashes that are light and feathery so they look like real lashes.Unless you have naturally black or very dark lashes, opt for a brown or reddish-brown color instead of black.For long, full, dark lashes, apply mascara over your false lashes.Doing so gives you a more dramatic look than what using mascara alone can do.

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