AARP Health Care Benefits

By Chad Hagy

  • Overview

    Taking care of our family and ourselves should be our first priority. Once you reach a certain age, you start thinking about your future and how you can provide for your family once you've retired. Thankfully, there are programs out there like AARP that help you cover the cost of care for you and your family while providing you with extra features and bonuses.
  • History

    AARP was founded in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus who also founded the National Retired Teachers Association in 1947. Originally, AARP was developed for retired teachers who still needed health insurance. In 1968, Dr. Andrus made AARP available to all Americans over the age of 50. Until 1999, AARP stood for American Association of Retired Persons but the organization changed its name to just AARP because you are no longer required to be retired in order to be a member.
  • Age Group 50-64

    AARP health care benefits are broken down into 3 groups. The first group is members between the ages of 50 and 64. For the 50-64 age group, AARP offers several different health care plans and packages. The Essential Premier Health Insurance package is a custom-designed insurance plan that resembles employer-based insurance for you and your dependents provided by Aetna. The Essential Health Insurance plan offers more basic coverage with a much lower premium rate. Essential Plus Health Insurance is a fixed-cash hospital indemnity plan that offers an even lower cost option to major medical insurance coverage. Lastly, Hospital Indemnity Insurance is quite inexpensive and offers fixed-cash benefits payable in addition to other insurance policies you may have.

  • Age Group 65+

    The age group that includes 65+ can choose from AARP Medicare Complete, AARP Medicare Rx and AARP Medicare Supplement. Medicare Complete offers comprehensive benefits that are covered under Medicare, such as prescription drugs, no limitations on pre-existing conditions and fitness benefits. Medicare Rx is Medicare prescription coverage plans that help you pay for your medicine even with the rising costs of prescription drugs and changes in your prescriptions. Finally, the Medicare Supplement plan helps covers some of the expenses that are not covered by Medicare and it helps limit the amount of money you pay for doctor visits and other health-related charges you may incur.
  • Age Group 50+

    Benefits for all ages over 50 include AARP Long-Term Care insurance, AARP Dental insurance, AARP Vision discounts, AARP prescription discounts, AARP health essentials catalogs, fitness offerings and AARP medical supply services. Long-term care insurance helps protect your retirement funds and other assets in case you need nursing home or other types of long-term care. Dental insurance offers plans that help cover the cost of common dental procedures and the luxury of choosing your own dentist. Vision discount benefits can give you up to 30 percent off on eye care procedure and discounts on your exams, frames and contacts. Prescription discount benefits offers you discounts on drugs purchased through a store or mail order. Health essential catalogs allow you to purchase needed items like health, beauty and wellness products through their catalog or website at a discounted rate. The plan also has fitness offerings with exclusive member-only discounts at health clubs as well as publications with fitness tips, tools and articles aimed at living a healthier life. Finally, medical supply service benefits include home delivery of your Medicare supplies.
  • Other AARP Features

    AARP offers its members plenty of special features that can help a senior citizen on a fixed budget live a full life. Some of their services include health products, travel and leisure products and life event services. Other products include discounts on rental cars, vacation packages, pharmacy and legal services and car insurance. For older citizens who are looking to rejoin the work force and are low-income, AARP will offer job training and placement as well.
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