How to Accept Credit Cards With No Checking

By Nathaniel Miller

  • Overview

    If you are an online merchant or a brick and mortar store, accepting credit cards seems to come as a standard business requirement. Regardless of the service or product you offer, it is almost guaranteed that someone will want to pay for it using a credit card. Accepting credit card transactions is not a complicated or risky business venture, however what if your business operates on cash only, online currency only or you are a small startup and don't have a checking account yet? You can use PayPal, ProPay, or Clickbank, online transaction programs, that allow any business, online or otherwise, to accept credit cards.
    Paypal can help you accept credit cards without having a checking account.
  • Paypal

  • Step 1

    Begin by opening a PayPal account. Go to the PayPal website (see Resources below) and click on "Sign up" in the login box. Follow the on screen tutorial to set up your account. Skip the linking of your checking account. After signing up wait for the confirmation email to come to your email address and then confirm your address so that your PayPal account will be activated.
  • Step 2

    Accept credit cards directly from your website. To take advantage of this function, simply use the PayPal webpage to develop a "Buy" button to your liking and insert into your existing webpage.
  • Step 3

    Accept credit cards via invoices sent to an email address. The customer inputs their credit card information on a secure form and then submits it to PayPal directly.
  • Step 4

    Choose the last PayPal credit card option, if you are a brick and mortar store without an online presence. Virtual terminal allows a customer to call you or make a purchase at your store and use their credit card. You will need to have a computer set up for virtual terminal at your store and as the customer reads you the information from the card, you input it into the form online. PayPal will then charge the customer's card and deposit the money in your PayPal account (minus a nominal fee).

  • Clickbank

    • Step 1

      Visit the Clickbank website (see Resources below) and sign up for an account with this company. Clickbank offers merchants who sell products online a complete online solution for accepting credit cards.
    • Step 2

      Know that after completing their form, you will be issued your own link to post on a website where you can accept credit cards. Post this link on your website or take orders over the phone and enter the credit card information directly into the Clickbank website.
    • Step 3

      Choose your payment option. You do not have to have a checking account, however you will need to have an online account of some sort (Paypal or similar) that can accept the payments.
  • ProPay

    • Step 1

      Sign up for a ProPay account at their website (see Resources below). Visit their welcome page and learn about each of their solutions by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page for each service. Much like PayPal, ProPay is an online commerce solution center.
    • Step 2

      Sign up for the service online by following the on screen instructions to start accepting credit cards. ProPay allows you to accept credit cards and hold money online, without a checking account.
    • Step 3

      Choose how you want to be paid for your ProPay transactions and select the service that is best for your situation. You can hold money in your ProPay account as long as you like and pay bills or invoices online without any physical checking account set up.
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    • Warning:
    • Do not have customers send you credit card information in emails without using Paypal's secure forms. Otherwise sensitive financial information may fall into the wrong hands at your expense.

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