Accessorize With Pashmina Scarves This Season!

This article provides four basic style guidelines for wearing a Pashmina Scarf. Additionally, it invites the reader to embrace the luxury and beauty of the popular fashion accessory.

Pashmina Scarves""frequently considered a luxurious accessory item""are really a versatile and functional accessory item.These scarves are wide, long, and come in a variety of colors and fabric blends.More importantly, they can be used as a neckline accessory, and waistline line embellishment, a head covering, and a plethora of other color popping uses can be made from them.

Pure Pashmina Scarves are made from cashmere wool, which is the traditional Himalayan name for it.Pashminas also come in wool/silk blends.The silk blend gives the scarf a lighter feel, slightly softer draping on the body, and it can be comfortably worn in the spring and summer.But, no matter what type of blend of Pashmina you have, you will be pleased and delighted with its effect to your outfit and overall wardrobe.Honestly, you only need three or four Pashminas to transform your wardrobe from traditional and standard-fare basics into a closet of sexy and stunning outfits.For instance, you can turn a basic black dress that you wear to the office into a stunning evening dress by merely draping a colored Pashmina Scarf around your neck, you can turn your comfortable jeans and tank-top into a sexy night out look with a scarf looped around your waist, and looping a scarf to the handle of a large handbag will give you an appearance of whimsy.Pashminas come in a wide array of color""from white, ecru, heather gray, black, faded lilac, tangerine, and just about every color in between.Accordingly, when choosing your color for a Pashmina scarf you should find one that suits your style, mood, and complexion""but that is common sense for any fashion accessory.

Instead of trying to follow concrete style guides with your scarves just keep four simple concepts in mind, and then let your outfit and mood dictate your placement of the piece.These four basic styles are The Noose Wrap, The Belt Style, The Full Wrap Shawl, and The Pashmina Stole.Each of these styles are considered classics, and when you are at a loss of how to accessorize your outfit use these as back-ups for your look.The Noose Wrap consists of folding the scarf in half length-wise, draping it around your neck, and then inserting the two ends through the loop (from the fold).Then, you can adjust the length and snugness of the scarf to your liking.The second style""The Belt Style""is exactly as its name implies.Drape the scarf around your waist, letting it fall loosely or bunch it up through belt loops, and tie it in the front or on the side.Often, when a Pashmina scarf is draped around the waist it resembles a sarong (a popular scarf worn around a woman's waist when at the beach).The Full Wrap Shawl and The Pashmina Stole are similar in their conception.Both are worn around the shoulders, but the shawl is often tied in the front or on the side.The stole is worn loosely draped across the chest and shoulders""much like a fur stole.

Each of these four styles can be loosed or tightened by adjusting the length of drape that you want, and you can angle the scarf, wear it as a straight line, or layer two or three scarves together for a more colorful look.The most important element of the Pashmina Scarf is to have fun with it, and then if you get "braver" buy a Pashmina trimmed with fur, sequins, beads, or embroidery.The looks are endless as long as you have fun with your scarf and use it often.

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