Accessorizing Your Doll House With A Miniature Kitchen

Doll house tips for furnishing your miniature kitchen with accessories.

Decorating a doll house is a fun hobby for individuals of all ages and styles. The pass-time allows you to easily recreate themes from various decades, regions of the world, and tastes.

One of the most rewarding and also the most time consuming areas of a doll house to design is the miniature kitchen. Not only are you faced with designing the layout and scheme of the room, but you must also choose accessories, such as miniatures plates, forks, knives, cups, napkins and food.

Furthermore, designing a kitchen of a doll house, like designing a kitchen of a real house, does not come cheap. You have to take into account the cost not only of the fixtures such as a stove, kitchen table and wall cabinets, but you also have to think about those small accessories mentioned earlier.

To begin your design plan, start like you would start any other room: by choosing the overall style. It is important to do a little research into the style and decade of your design choice. For example, if your doll house is a home set in the 1950s, then you know that your colors and accessories will have to be in keeping with the times. There are design books in any bookstore of library. Check out the theater section, as set designers use extensive books from various time periods when designing sets for stage productions.

Then, when purchasing your accessories, make sure they state on either the packaging or miniature doll house accessories catalog (found at any craft or book store) that the item you are purchasing is indeed in keeping with the appropriate time.

Once you have the appropriate time period chosen for your miniature house, you must choose the theme most befitting with your taste. Theme includes color and inclination towards design. Like any other room you design, you will have to purchase wallpaper with your favored design scheme. Based on your choice of wallpaper, you will choose major accessories, such as the color of your fixtures and any artwork you may choose to put on the walls.

Prior to putting in desired furniture accessories, especially if you plan to glue them in, you will want to do the flooring. Most people choose to purchase standard plank wood hardwood floors. The truly daring can special-order miniature bricks or even ceramic tile from specialty shops.

Next, install the furniture. Many people like to glue in cabinets. You may also want to hang lighting from the ceiling or walls.

The last step to building your miniature kitchen is to purchase and place accessories. As in real life, comfortable eye-catching pieces such as a fruit bowl or water jug are likewise popular in miniature houses. You can purchase and place miniature napkins, baby foods and candle holders to make the kitchen feel lived-in and comfortable.

Most miniature furniture items come with functional pieces. Drawers and cabinets will open, so make sure you stock them with your cutlery and other accessories common to kitchens, such as scissors, pens and recipe cards.

Follow these easy guidelines and you are on your way to creating a dynamic replica of your dream kitchen!

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