Acne And Your Diet

Learn how to control your acne by what observing your diet.

Acne, the condition that leaves your face dotted with unsightly spots, is a real problem for teenagers. As if the transition period from child to adult weren't complicated enough, the onset of acne can lead an outgoing, extrovert to become withdrawn, solemn and insecure. So, what can be done to beat acne? There are many creams on the market that may give a measure of relief. Far more effective though, is to control the problem by making an adjustment in your diet. While some people are genetically predisposed to acne, many will find that, by learning what nutrients can help with the problem and adjusting their eating accordingly, they can, indeed, find some solutions.

For many years researchers believed that acne was due to the high fat, high sugar content of many teenagers' diets, typically composed of French fries, sodas, burgers and the like. This still appears to be partly to blame. However, recent studies would tend to indicate that the foods that are not being eaten by young people are more important in their getting acne. The typical junk food diet is glaringly deficient in several vital minerals and vitamins. Zinc, for example, is an important mineral in controlling acne. You can get more zinc in your diet by eating more of the following foods:

Lean meat

Skinless chicken




Whole Grain Cereals


Skim milk

You should also endeavour to take in a good amount of beta carotene. The body will convert this into Vitamin A. Vitamin A will help maintain the health of your skin. Beta carotene can be found in dark green or orange vegetables like spinach or carrots. You can also get it from apricots and mangoes. Vitamin A can also be sourced from liver and eggs.

It has also been shown that polyunsaturated fats can help to control acne. You can source these from nuts, seed oils and oily fish. Vitamin E is also useful in helping to maintain and repair the skin.

Of course it is also recommended that you cut down on your intake of fatty foods in order to control your acne. Try to gradually replace fatty and fried foods with whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. Wean yourself off of those high sugar soft drinks and try to acquire a taste for water. Also try to cut out on chocolates and sweets as well as highly salted snacks.

Readjusting your eating habits will take a great deal of discipline and accountability. Before long, however, you will have adjusted to a healthy dietary program that will benefit you for the rest of your life. And you'll be acne free forever.

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