What Are Acrostics

Are you curious as to what acrostics are? They are a simple and fun way to create an art form with words, and without having to write your life story!

Acrostics. Does this word sound remotely familiar? Is it transporting you back through time, perhaps to a college or high school English class? It should! And no, this isn't going to be a return to those boring days of old""rather it's going to be a fun and creative way of implementing the use of acrostics to create an unusual art form with which to grace your own home or to give as gifts.

Vows are forever.

Age will not impede your beauty.

Love is ours for a lifetime.

Embrace me in your arms.

Never let me go.

Tomorrow is ours.

I will always love you.

Near to my heart you will stay.

Every day with you is a treasure.

The above is an acrostic. See the word "Valentine" spelled vertically along the left-hand margin? Obviously this is a Valentine acrostic, but acrostics can be created with other themes.

A very popular acrostic to make and give as a gift is a name acrostic. Write the letters of a person's name on a piece of paper. Then make a list of positive attributes this person possesses. Use a thesaurus if necessary, and find a complementing word beginning with the correct letter. Create the acrostic.

To make this into a presentable gift, and if your own artistic abilities are limited, there are two choices available. Enlist the help of an artistic friend, or rely on the uncanny abilities of your word processing program on your computer.

Most programs offer borders and clip art. Arrange a pretty bordering, and perhaps some clip art that corresponds with the attributes portrayed in the acrostic. Make use of different colors for lettering and artwork. Some people prefer to use only a border. And this is probably best if the acrostic is of a romantic or serious nature. For fun and humorous acrostics, clip art can be very enlivening!

A wise choice in printing the acrostic is to seek out some acid free paper. Available at craft and art-supply stores, this will aid in slowing the yellowing of the finished product.

Once the acrostic and choice of art/border is printed, decide on a suitable matting and/or frame. This is done very inexpensively at department and discount stores.

Acrostics are great gifts for people who have everything. They can be meaningful tributes to parents, grandparents, and valuable keepsakes for children. I have even seen an acrostic that worked in the names of everyone with a family""and a rather large family at that! This particular acrostic obviously took a great deal of time, and a great gift of playing with words.

Acrostics make wonderful greeting cards. Whether one acrostic is designed and then printed for all the holiday cards your family sends, or single acrostic cards are designed for a birthday, new baby, wedding, or other special occasion""people love receiving these as cards. They are so much more personal than those purchased in stores.

And lastly, acrostics make beautiful wall hangings when done as a needlepoint or cross stitch. For those with fancy stitching capabilities, this type of acrostic is destined to become a family heirloom.

Enlist the help of family""especially children.

Never say making acrostics is difficult.

Join others and make acrostics as a party craft.

Open your hearts and minds, and the words will flow.

Young and old alike will appreciate the gift of acrostics.

(See the acrostic?)

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