How to Add Money to a Paypal Account

By Sabah Karimi

  • Overview

    When you want to use PayPal to pay for an eBay purchase, pay bills or make any type of purchase from a merchant that accepts PayPal, you will need to make sure you have enough money in your account before initiating the purchase. If your PayPal balance is running low, you can transfer money into the account directly from a bank checking or savings account. Here's how to coordinate the transfer:
    • Step 1

      Review your account profile. Log on to your PayPal account and visit the "Account Overview" section. This will tell you what your current PayPal balance is.
    • Step 2

      Find the bank accounts linked to your account. Select "Bank Accounts" in the financial column of the Account Overview section; this will tell you whether you have bank accounts linking to the PayPal account, and which accounts these are.

    • Step 3

      Select the "Add Funds" tab. This will take you to a page with a drop-down menu of accounts. Choose the bank account you want to transfer funds from into your PayPal account. The accounts will be listed with the name of your bank followed by the last four digits of your account number as a reference.
    • Step 4

      Enter the amount of the transfer. Type in the total amount of the transfer you want to initiate in dollars and cents, then select "Continue" to initiate the transfer.
    • Step 5

      Review the confirmation page. Make sure that you have selected the right bank account to transfer funds from, and that you have entered the exact total you need for your purchase.
    • Step 6

      Initiate the transfer. Select "Submit" to confirm the transfer; PayPal will email you a notice about the transfer and contact the bank to send the requested funds.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • PayPal account login information
    • Bank checking or savings account information
    • Total sum for the transfer
    • Tip: The "Add Funds" tab also allows you to add another account to your list of linked accounts if you want to set up another financial institution's information.
    • Tip: It typically takes between three to four business days to process the request for funds.
    • Tip: Some online merchants allow you to pay for a portion of the purchase with a credit card and pay for the remainder with PayPal funds at a later date; this can be helpful if you don't have enough money in your PayPal account but need to make the purchase immediately.
    • Warning:
    • Make sure your PayPal account is linked to the right email address; your email address is used to send you notifications about any activity on your account, and may also be used as your PayPal ID.
    • Always check the Confirmation page to make sure all of the account information is accurate and that the funds for the transfer have been entered correctly.
    • You cannot reverse the transfer in a few simple steps; you can only use the "Withdraw Funds" feature to transfer money from PayPal back to your checking or savings account.

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