How To Add Native American Accents To A Blue Jean Purse

You can get have the Native American purse you've always wanted by adding the decorations to a denim purse yourself.

If you love crafts you can sometimes save lots of money by purchasing something in its simplest form then adding your own embellishments. There are many different ways to add Native American accents to an ordinary blue jean purse. Whether it be sewing or painting the design choices for the purse are abundant. Just having a look around a craft store will give you dozens of ideas since nowadays there are literally hundreds of embellishment selections.

Buy a pack of inexpensive fabric paints. They come in tubes and you don't need a brush. You can purchase sets of "pearlescent", "metallic" or even "puffy". Simply draw on the design with the paints and let it dry. Try doing a row of inverted "V's" in red or white on the strap to represent tee-pees. Use brown to make three sticks coming out of the top of each teepee. Purchase a rubber stamp depicting deer, coyotes or wolves. Dip the rubber stamp in the fabric paint and stamp the animals walking across the bottom front of the purse. The scene for the background, or front of the purse, could be a large teepee with several smaller ones surrounding it. Or use rub-on appliques to make tee-pees, feathers, moccasins and headdresses at random places all over the purse.

Native American bead patterns in shades of turquoise, red, white and black look fabulous when sewn onto a denim purse. Done correctly, the purse can look extremely expensive. Sometimes you can find the tiniest of beads already strung and with a backing for sewing. These are sold on a roll at some department or craft stores. Use them to inlay the purse strap or to decorate a pocket on the purse. You can string beads yourself and attach them to the purse but it's very time consuming. Stringing the beads yourself means you'll have to allow many hours of time before your purse is ready to carry.

Silver and turquoise touches really make a Native American statement. Unused jewelry sewn onto the purse lends a unique touch. A bracelet or necklace on a chain with turquoise pendant can be tacked to a pocket on a purse. Tuck the fasteners into the pocket then allow the chain and pendant to hang outside of the pocket. Conchos with strips of leather dangling from behind add depth and decor.

Use a strip of rawhide, beads and feathers to make zipper pulls. Thread the rawhide through the zipper pull hole. Thread the ends of the rawhide through a wooden bead, but only half way. Glue into place. At the opposite hole of the bead squirt glue inside then insert feathers.

You don't have to invest a lot of money in the purse renovation. Simply purchase silver and turquoise cord and wrap them together around the purse strap. Or outline portions of the purse with red, black and turquoise metallic thread.

Most craft stores have an aisle where you can purchase pieces of leather, feathers and Indian decorations. Cut animal shapes from the leather pieces to attach to the purse. Use fabric glue to affix the leather if you don't sew. Outline the animals with fabric paints. Look around your local craft store for more ideas. There are dozens of rubber stamps that can be used with hundreds of different paints and inks, thousands of bead choices, and lots of Indian decorations.

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