Adding Memory to Dell Desktop Computer

By Launie Sorrels

  • Overview

    Adding memory to your computer can help you speed up your current system. If you want to add a piece of software that requires more memory than what you have, adding more memory is the right choice. Adding memory to your computer is a fairly easy task; just be careful with static electricity.
    Adding Memory to Dell Desktop Computer
    • Step 1

      Attach your electro static discharge (ESD) strap to your wrist.
    • Step 2

      Open the casing around the computer. Usually, these are secured with twist bolts or regular screws that require a flat-head screwdriver to remove.

    • Step 3

      Find the memory slot.
    • Step 4

      Pull the white clamps gently but firmly apart, if there is already memory present and you are replacing the current memory. Otherwise, if the memory slot is empty, add memory to slot. The memory can only fit in one way, so don't worry about putting it in backwards. Push the memory down firmly till you hear a light click.
    • Step 5

      Close the two clamps. They push right into place, making a soft click sound.
    • Step 6

      Close the case and reattach as needed.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • ESD wrist strap
    • Flat-head screwdriver
    • RAM memory stick
    • Warning:
    • Only use approved memory for your specific computer. Your computer manual will tell you what this is.
    • Some computers require pairing. This means that the two memory sticks must be of the same type and size. Be sure to read your manual to verify if this is true for your computer.

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