About Addison's Disease Medical Alert Bracelet

By Serena Spinello

  • Overview

    About Addison's Disease Medical Alert Bracelet
    About Addison's Disease Medical Alert Bracelet
    Addison's disease is characterized by a chronic deficiency of hormones that are produced by the body's adrenal glands. These hormones are cortisol, aldosterone and adrenal androgens. Due to these deficiencies, an individual with Addison's disease can have a severe electrolyte imbalance leading to symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, low blood pressure, weight loss and skin discoloration. People with the disease are strongly advised to wear a medical ID bracelet that identifies their condition.
  • Significance

    A medical ID bracelet for Addison's disease is important, since it notifies people of your specific condition. This can come in especially handy during a medical emergency, signifying the special measures that need to be taken. People with Addison's disease are frequently administered treatment of drugs like hydrocortisone to counter their adrenal insufficiencies.
  • Function

    Because of Addison's disease, a patient's infections must be dealt with in an assertive fashion. Emergency medical personnel can administer the best course of treatment once they recognize the condition. The bracelet alerts them to this and the fact that the patient's glucocorticoids can become elevated during instances of distress, trauma, surgery and other medical procedures. The bracelet can also communicate the call for an immediate cortisol injection if the wearer is hurt or incapable of responding.

  • Identification

    A medical ID bracelet can indicate that the wearer has Addison's disease, suffers from adrenal insufficiency or is being treated with hydrocortisone. Such descriptions illustrate important medical information that's very useful and can be lifesaving. Furthermore, it provides the wearer and her relatives with a feeling of security by knowing she'll be treated correctly and responsibly.
  • Prevention/Solution

    The identification can also reduce emergency hospital admissions since the specifics of the illness are accounted for from the start. A number of medical errors occur due to early missteps that occur during admittance to medical facilities. A good number of these damaging mistakes can be prevented if the patient is correctly diagnosed from the onset. The bracelet conveys a clear documentation of the illness, dictating the precise treatment needed and the particular way it should be dispensed.
  • Potential

    Luckily, such bracelets have evolved in terms of their style, quality and choices. There are a range of bracelets available for different ages and sexes that boast a selection of styles, sizes, shapes and materials to choose from. They are available in materials such as stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, copper and platinum and can also be embellished for personalization. Prior to purchasing a medical ID bracelet for Addison's disease, find out if it's covered under your insurance plan. Below are links to additional resources, including where you can order a medical ID bracelet.
    Creative Medical ID Jewlery (www.creativemedicalid.com)
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