About Adjustable Bed Risers

By Christa Titus

  • Overview

    Adjustable bed risers are one of the quickest ways you can create extra storage space for yourself in each bedroom of your home. These elevators also serve a purpose when it comes to interior decoration and providing more restful sleep for people with medical conditions. They are easy to use; all you need is someone to lift the end of the bed for you and you slip a riser beneath or cup it to the end of each bed leg.
  • Function

    Adjustable bed risers are designed to elevate a bed. You can typically raise a bed 3 inches to 8 inches off the floor with them and they can be used with most any bed, provided the furniture has individual legs. Risers are not intended for bunk beds.
  • Price

    Bed risers are extremely economical. Sets or pairs of them can cost from $17 to $30. They can be found at department stores, interior design shops and such mass-merchants as Wal-Mart.

  • Design Uses

    Adjustable bed risers can make bedrooms more aesthetically pleasing by raising a bed to stand the same height as its accompanying night tables or giving it extra height so the dust ruffle hangs evenly instead of being crumpled on the floor. They are also a popular way of creating more space under beds for clothing storage.
  • Medical Uses

    There are medical benefits to lifting only the head of a bed with a riser on each side. People suffering from ailments like back pain, acid reflux, asthma, or other breathing problems and heart conditions find it easier to sleep when their head and chest are elevated.
  • Styles

    Bed risers can be made of plastic, wood or metal. Their color schemes run from opaque plastic that's black or white to clear plastic, to metal and painted wood. One style is a design of a circular cup that fits to the bottom of the bed leg. Another is a wood-block style that has a recessed space at the top for the leg to sit on. Another style is a tall, pyramid-shaped structure that also has a recessed, square space on top; these are very study and can elevate the bed 4 inches to 6 inches.
  • Weight

    Each riser can typically bear the weight of 300 lbs. Four risers used together can sustain between 1,200 lbs. and 1,400 lbs.
  • Warnings

    When using pyramid-style risers, do not stack more than two on top of each other, and only do so if they come in a kit where the pieces are designed to work together.
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