Adult Fitness: Making Exercise Into A Fun Routine

Tips for getting a physical activity routine firmly established in your week.

Exercising regularly has many beneficial effects on the human body and mind.

But we all know that setting up a routine that we are likely to stick to is tough.Even when we have the best of intentions, life just seems to get in the way of exercise and fitness.Between taking the kids to dance class, soccer and baseball practice, grocery shopping for the family, meeting important work deadlines, and watching your favorite TV show on Tuesday nights, there never seems to be enough time to squeeze in a trip to the gym.

There are ways to make it easier to develop a regular exercise routine that you won't push to the back burner.Turn your exercising into rituals that are fun, relaxing and most importantly, a part of your week that you look forward to.Here are some tips for getting a physical activity routine firmly established in your week.

1) Start small!Choose only one activity per week.Commit yourself to this one activity, and only this one.For an example, let's use walking your dogs in the park every Saturday morning. Of course, your kids may have soccer games on Saturday mornings or you might only have cats, so this is only an example activity.It is up to you to choose your own. Whatever it is, make sure it isn't too strenuous.

2) Choose the day you want it to happen and stick to it!It's best to consult your schedule before settling on a day of the week.For many people Sunday mornings are set aside for relaxation.Or maybe your Tuesday lunch hour is not regularly booked.Whatever the day and time you choose, make sure that you are ready to commit the same amount of time to it every week.

3) Once you are committed, don't switch! If you find that you also have free time on Sunday night after dinner, pick a new physical activity for that night instead of switching places, that way you'll get double the exercise in one week. You don't have to commit to the extra activity every week, just squeeze some in where you can.

4) Do not let anything come between you and your scheduled exercise; nothing should take priority over your health.Don't let your kids sign up for new activities that would interfere with your routine.Schedule the dinner date before or after your exercise.Take your baby on a walk with you.Cook breakfast after you get back.You have to treat that time slot as though it is not open for negotiation.If someone asks you to lunch and it will interfere with your workout, you say "Sorry, I already ate.How about tomorrow?"

5) Reward yourself for the hard work.If you want to stop for breakfast on the way home from the park, you can.Or make a delicious and healthy smoothie and place it in the refrigerator until you get back.Then it will be there ready and waiting for you as a reward for your hard work.

Pretty soon, those Saturday morning walks in the park will be the bright spot of your week.You'll want to add more and more exercise into your week when you find that you truly look forward to it.

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