Adult Party Checklists And Ideas: 40Th Birthday Party Planning Guide

Creative and unique ideas for hosting a 40th birthday party, with some planning checklists.

Any old party plan can serve as a 40th celebration, but to make the guest of honor's party even more special, consider throwing a party in one of the following themes, or invent your own! Below you will find parties for males only, females only and those suitable for mixers.

Parties for Men Only

Sports-Related Tailgating Party

Gather up the guys and be sure to wear your favorite team's jersey. Hook up the television outside and get ready to rock and roll with some burgers, dogs, pretzels and chips, and of course, your favorite beers! Simulate a tailgating party in your own backyard or driveway by gathering together the following materials, snacks and your own special touches:

Checklist for Tailgating Party:

- Be sure you have enough charcoal, propane, lighter fluid or whatever elements are necessary to keep your grill going!

- Food to grill on the barbecue: hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, steak, sausage, corn on the cob, etc.

- Buns for whatever you will be cooking

- Condiments such as ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, and toppings such as lettuce, tomato and onions

- Snack food such as chips, pretzels, salsa or dip, and as many baked goods as you can get your girlfriends and wives to donate!

- Order a cake with the featured sport's design, logo or image decorated on top

- Don't forget the paper plates, napkins, utensils and plastic cups - oh yeah, and plenty of paper towels!

- A television or a vehicle with a TV inside so you can all enjoy the game

- Enough lawn chairs so all the guests can rest and relax

Barbecue and Outdoors Party

Similar to the tailgating party, this one requires a comparable checklist and some imagination. After you've all eaten your fill, what is there to do? Well, gather together a card table and a bunch of chairs, a few decks of cards, some poker chips, dice, and whatever other games you can find to pass the time while you all enjoy the evening. Have a bonfire, roast hotdogs over the embers or spend the night telling old fisherman's tales and hunting stories"¦ Having a special night just to get the guys together again will be a great birthday present to the man of honor!

Checklist for a Barbecue and Outdoors Party:

- Similar food items to the cookout, or whatever additional items you prefer. Hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, steak, sausage, fish, corn on the cob and baked potatoes work best.

- Don't forget buns, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, lettuce, tomato, onion"¦.

- Grab a few rolls of paper toweling, napkins, paper plates, plastic cups, utensils and a trashcan.

- Hoist a picnic table and some chairs to your desired location for the barbecue and bring out some extra lawn chairs in case more room is needed.

- Bring the games, cards, dice and other activities to keep you busy. A dartboard would not be a bad idea, either!

- Don't forget the beer!

Parties for Women Only

Relive-Your-Youth: Girls Night In

Kick the men out of the house, have your girlfriends ditch their husbands and boyfriends for the night and get ready for some serious fun! A few ideas for a girls-only night include manicures and pedicures, makeovers, movies from your youth""your favorite chick-flicks, wine or cocktails, and lots and lots of desserts and junk food. Guaranteed, you will feel 21 all over again!

Checklist for a Relive-Your-Youth Girls Night In:

- Movies and magazines to stir up conversation and relive memories

- Wine, spirits and juices and sodas for some extra fun!

- Snacks and desserts like chips and dips, cookies and candy, ice cream, pizza""the works!

- Make-up, nail polish, nail polish remover, foot scrubs and soaks, a tub and any other beauty supplies you can find

- Or for a spin on the evening, get all prettied-up and go out for a night on the town!

Parties for Men and Women

Hawaiian Luau Party

This shindig is sure to be a hit for whomever the guest of honor may be""just don't forget the cocktails, the grub and some amusing party games! Who can resist delicious fruits and foods that you will be serving at your party""not to mention the fruity libations you can concoct in a matter of minutes"¦. If the weather is warm, turn your Hawaiian Luau into a pool party and enjoy the sun while it lasts. Give your guest of honor a special mug or glass so he or she can enjoy delicious cocktails and let the games begin!

Checklist for a Hawaiian Luau Party

- Fresh fruit and fruit juices, and spirits if you prefer

- Chicken to grill, or chicken and ham to make kebobs with fruit - cherries and pineapple work especially well for this tasty dish!

- Snacks and desserts - goodies of all kinds will do for this festive party, but use your imagination and offer your guests a meal they won't soon forget.

- Decorations promoting the island theme - tropical music and themed dishes, cups and utensils will add to the atmosphere

- A coconut (or an orange) to play the game where guests form two lines and race to see which team can pass the fruit with their necks the quickest!

- Any other party games you can think of""or if you have a pool, some fun floats for your guests to enjoy while they relax

Decade Party""Go Back to the Good Old Days!

Instead of making the guest feel old, bring back his or her childhood and earlier years! Invite all of your guests on ONE condition"¦ they have to dress up in something out of the past - a crazy leisure suit, legwarmers and a jean jacket or whatever creative outfit they can concoct. Give a prize for the best costume and be sure to honor the birthday guy or gal with special recognition and a recorded music mix to bring back old memories. Break out photos from earlier years and ask everyone to contribute a picture of them with the guest of honor. Place all of those photos in a special photo or memory box and tell stories from "back in the day."

As far as food goes, see if you can remember dishes that you used to eat all of the time in your younger years and try to reproduce them. If you are having a difficult time thinking of any, make whatever you want and name them after hit TV shows from your childhood"¦ Mrs. Cunningham's pot roast, Fonzi's root beer or beer in general, etc. Just get creative and let the good ideas come to you.

Checklist for a Decade Party

- A costume for yourself and your date, and invitations to alert guests of the dress code

- A radio or CD player and CDs or tapes of music from previous decades, mixes or a radio station that plays songs from the past

- Food that will be named in the theme of the party"¦ Home-cooked meals or party foods""whatever is most convenient for you will be a fine dish for your guests.

- Decorations to go with the party's theme - loud colors for the 80s and 90s, peace signs and flower designs for the hippie age and so forth"¦.

- To be extra daring, bring out a Karaoke machine and ask all the guests to take a turn with the Mic!

Any of these fun and festive party ideas will work well for a 40th birthday party, or consider dreaming up your own party theme - whether it be a casino night, a murder mystery party, an over-the-hill party or simply a surprise party. The possibilities are endless and the fun is only limited by your imagination.

Exercise caution at your party and have fun at the same time. If you are planning to purchase alcohol, be sure that your guests do not plan to drive after consuming several drinks. If you think you might have problems with guests under the influence of alcohol, forgo that item on the checklist and opt for mock-tails instead. Remember that it isn't the beverages at a party that make it fun or memorable - the guests who grace each other's presence make the night so much more enjoyable!

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