What Is An Advantage Of Having A Geothermal Home?

What is an advantage of having a geothermal home? Advantages of geothermal power at home range from the benefits of renewable energy to the many safety factors. There is a safety factor in that there is...

There is a safety factor in that there is no fossil fuel that burns; so there is no pilot fire, lighter, or anything like you would have in a natural gas furnace. We have no chance for carbon monoxide emissions in the home. The other advantage is a cooling application where you have an outdoor condenser, so there is no noise. It's a lot cheaper to run depending on what your electricity rates are and your natural gas rates, you save. You will save money and typically, we say the payback period on the investment is about 5-10 years for the homeowner.

It is a very conservative and very agreeable technology right now that's somewhat renewable. By renewable, I mean how the electricity is generated. If the electricity from your power plant is generated with a green method, then the system is entirely green. So, for example, up in Canada where a large volume of electricity is hydro-powered, there is no fossil fuel that is burned, so hydropower is considered 100% renewable. So, if you have an electric appliance using renewable electricity generated at the plant, then it is pretty much 100% renewable. But as most people know, electricity is generated from coal or from a natural gas, or fire-powered plant. Then you have to consider the non-renewable-ness of the fossil fuel burned at the power plant. So you could say that a geothermal heat pump is about 70-75% renewable energy, compared to 100% fossil fuel burned at the power plant to make your electricity.

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