What Is An Advantage Of Having Wall To Wall Carpeting?

What is an advantage of having wall to wall carpeting? If you've got carpeting wall to wall you will have a little bit better insulation quality that is opposed to just a rug. Carpeting the home is one of...

Carpeting the home is one of the most important decorating decisions that a homeowner will have to make. The color, style and type of carpet that a homeowner puts in their home will ultimately determine the design scheme.

But when it comes to having carpet put in a home, not all consumers decide to have carpet laid throughout the house. Some consumers may choose to carpet certain bedrooms and living areas, while putting hardwood floors in others. Also, some consumers may even choose to put large rugs in areas as opposed to carpet. But whatever the homeowner decides, most experts will tell you that nothing beats having wall to wall carpet in your home.

George Davies is the marketing communications manager for Shaw Floors. They produce and sell carpet, rugs, ceramic, hardwood, and laminate flooring for homeowners and business owners worldwide. Davies said that one of the biggest advantages of having wall to wall carpet would be with the insulation it provides.

"It is a question of personal preference," Davies said about having wall to wall carpet. "The advantage would be in the insulation capability of the carpet. If you've got carpeting wall to wall you will have a little bit better insulation quality as opposed to just a rug."

Wall to wall carpet can be very beneficial in a home's energy bill. Carpet holds warmth and insulates against extreme cold and heat. So as energy and gas continue to rise, having carpet laid throughout your home can obviously save you money on your energy bill.

Wall to wall carpet is also very easy to maintain. The cleaning of carpet involves mainly vacuuming and regular cleanings. Treatment of stains is getting easier and easier with the advancement of technology, and most stains can be removed. The most important tip to remember when removing stains from a carpet is to treat the stains immediately.

Carpet also provides a huge amount of sound insulation. As families continue to grow and more and more electronic gizmos are being invented, noise will always be a factor. Carpet provides insulation from the sounds that can be generated from kitchen appliances, televisions and children playing.

Of all the advantages of having wall to wall carpet, probably one of the most important advantages would be the safety that carpet provides. The texture and combination of fibers that make up carpet is great against spills and falls. This is great for senior citizens and children as they are most prone to spills. But of all the advantages that wall to wall carpeting provides, Davies said that it is still up to the consumer to make the decision if they need wall to wall carpet or not.

"A lot of people also buy a "nearly rug," in which they would buy a carpet style and have it bound to make it into an almost full size rug," Davies said. "There are a lot of different ways to do it. It is easy, but then again, it's a matter of consumer preference. Some people have done this with the tendency of having carpets that will be inside of a border of a hardwood or ceramic. It's a nice look."

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