What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Satellite Rather Than Cable?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having satellite rather than cable? Learn whether satellite or cable is the best choice for you. For years, cable has been the leader in providing homes with...

For years, cable has been the leader in providing homes with television reception. But with advancements and improvements to their service over the last few years, satellite companies are slowly moving into the forefront.

Lynn Jenkins is the president of Satellite Country. In six years of business, it has been voted a top 10 company the last two years. As someone who has worked with satellites directly, Jenkins knows all the advantages and disadvantages of satellites and cable.

"There are several advantages," Jenkins said. "The programming and the DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) cost less to have in your home. The quality of the picture is better because it is at a higher resolution than cable. Everything is digital in satellite. There is no analog. Even when you get digital cable, you'll still have some analog."

"The only disadvantages at this point are that satellite doesn't offer broadband services like you would get with a cable modem or with a phone company's DSL," he added. "And, you can't hook up your home security system to the satellite. There is a new internet service called Wild Blue that is about $45 a month, but it is only recommended for people who are in remote areas. You can get a better service with your DSL or your cable modem."

In addition to being able to provide consumers with a high quality digital picture, satellite providers have also learned to cater to the sports world. Satellite companies such as Direct TV and Dish Network were able to skyrocket themselves into the media forefront by offering several great sports packages.

Specifically, Direct TV offers their customers the ability to purchase different sports packages that include the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association. Cable companies have yet to be able to offer their customers the same array in the sports world. So, if staying in touch with all of your favorite sports is what you want out of your television provider, then satellite is the way for you to go.

Another advantage that satellite companies have begun to offer to their potential customers is free equipment. It used to be that owning a satellite dish would cost an arm and a leg before any service was even set up. But now, most satellite companies will offer free equipment in up to four rooms as well as free installation. Cable has always offered free equipment, but the addition of this policy for the satellite companies has been huge in the revenue area.

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